This shit is bananas, or vice versa?
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I had some overripe bananas which I peeled and stuck in the freezer to make banana bread later. And now it's later and I'm ready to make the bread. I thawed the bag of bananas in the fridge two days ago, and they don't look so good.

The bananas were somewhat squished when I put them in the ziploc bag to freeze, but not mashed. They are now thawed out in the fridge. The banana flesh is light brownish, but more alarmingly, they are swimming in a brown liquid that resembles tea. I did not include any liquid when I stuck them in the freezer so this "juice" apparently came from the bananas.

Are these bananas ok for making banana bread, or are they done for? Normally I would just throw them away out of an abundance of caution, but I don't have any other bananas and I'm not planning on going to the store for a while. And my husband was kind of looking forward to the bread.

If I can use them, should I add in the juice or discard it?
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Totally normal. Add it all and mix well.
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They're fine, this is normal. They get all weird looking when they thaw. You can just freeze them in the peel next time if you want. Cook it all up, juice and everything.
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Normal, I have 3 similar bags in my freezer. Dump it all right in and happy baking!
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thanks everyone! :)
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I like to drain some of the juice to get a more intense banana flavor, but it's all fine.
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P.S., if you haven’t already chosen a recipe, the newest Smitten Kitchen banana bread is super-delicious, with or without add-ins (nuts, chocolate chips). But do go by volume, not weight for the bananas — I think there’s a discrepancy.
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It's totally fine. Don't throw that juice away: it's sweet and banana-ey. But if the liquid will throw off your recipe, you can reduce it in a little pan on the stove while you're getting everything else ready.
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This may be the best banana bread ever...
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Response by poster: This is the recipe I am planning to use. Never tried it before but it looks pretty straightforward and I'm really stoked about the streusel topping!
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Response by poster: I will keep the other recipes in mind for another time, though. They both sound really good!
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I used a gross, syrupy banana last night for the Serious Eats banana oatmeal bread! It was a little dense for my taste but it made a good, uh, second dinner and breakfast anyway. So far I remain unpoisoned! And what more can we really ask for?
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In the PBS series "The Mind of a Chef" with David Chang, there was a segment in the "rotten" episode where Christina Tosi (of Momofuku Milk Bar) held up a black and leaking banana as her preferred state of a banana for recipes.
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oh yeah, I let my bananas get to the point where my husband is like "are we throwing these out?" and then I freeze them with peels on, and thaw them by throwing the entire banana into water until it thaws a bit, then just snipping off the ends and letting the banana sludge slide right out into a bowl!

It is not a process I would document for instagram :P but it makes great banana bread!
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It's normal! I do this all the time and no one's died yet. (I'm obsessed with banana bread and almost always have bananas turning black on my counter.)
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What has happened to your bananas on a cellular level, if you're curious, is that frozen water (ice) takes up more space than liquid water. When the banana freezes, the water inside the cells expands and has nowhere to go, so it pushes through and ruptures the cell membrane (soft) and the cell wall (made of dietary fiber). The banana goes from essentially a closed-cell foam to an open-cell sponge. While the water is frozen, not much changes, but when you thaw it, much of the water that was held in individual cells leaks out because there's nothing holding it in. Totally normal, and you should use the liquid with the rest of the banana otherwise it will be too dry!
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Response by poster: The banana bread turned out delicious. I did use the liquid along with the banana mash, and the batter was the perfect consistency. As zingiberene said, it would have been too dry without it.
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I have some bananas still in their skin in the fridge, not the freezer. Been there about a month. Okay to use?
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I tend to err on the side of using old stuff, but a month in the fridge? I wouldn't.
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