Resurfacing outdoor table?
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We have an outdoor Crate and Barel table that the surface is separating on. We didn't care that much for the surface and want to put something down that will be long lasting, weather resistant and good looking. It looks like some kind of composite board, very hard, grey with flecks of white in it. image one closer image Seems like a very good surface to start with. Just want to choose the best material (paint, varnish, epoxy, etc) to cover and seal.
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My mother in law had someone tile an ordinary outdoor tabletop. They used epoxy grout. It's been standing up to coastal CT moisture for something like 15 years!
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Once you chip off the old surface, you could use a spray paint designed for outdoor furniture like this: Krylon product. I linked to Lowes, but if you have an ACE near you, mine will deliver, perhaps your's would as well. The spray paint would be a good choice if the surface is a little uneven or rough. Do a few coats and you should be good to go for quite a while.
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I don't think there are lots of reliable exterior uv paints.
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We are all used to tabletops being completely smooth, and I think that's what you want for a surface that you want to keep clean. I would use a high-build primer (after filling any serious holes), and sand to as smooth as you can get. It has to be smoother than what you can accept in the final product. Then spray the top coat as suggested by Agatha.

Its tempting to suggest using exterior house paint, but that is not designed to be sprayed, and some equipment would probably be needed. I'd get expert advice if you want to go that way.

UV protection can be enhanced with some sort of outdoors compatible tablecloth.
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Another option is an outdoor- rated 2-part epoxy countertop material. Most products are clear but they are available in solid colors. Make sure that you pick a product meant for outdoor exposed use. Application can be messy so make sure you use a drop cloth.
Here’s one product company aimed at specifically this use.
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Also- substrate looks like fiber reinforced concrete to me.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone
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