Can I eat this? Avocado with cut and Covid risk.
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I had groceries delivered two days ago and discovered that the avocado I bought as a cut in it. Usually I wash produce in soap and water. However, I'm worried that the cut means that any potential Covid contamination couldn't be washed off, and that possible virus particles could be in the avocado itself.
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Remove/cut out the section with the cut like you would any other bad spot. It'll be fine.
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I wouldn’t think twice about it. You could cut that section out, sure.
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The virus doesn't last two days on soft materials like an avocado.
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If you're really worried, you can microwave it. Avocado doesn't change state much when cooked, it'll just be a bit softer.
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Unlike bacteria (or molds), viruses can't reproduce on their own, so cutting out the exposed part will take care of it.
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You shouldn’t wash any produce with soap and water. Produce is porous and soap is not fit for human consumption.
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It is not clear that, short of heating the avocado to a high temperature, that microwaving will kill the corona virus.
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But you're smart to think about this in general -- cutting produce without washing it adequately first is a known source of listeria contamination, I remember reading.
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