Artisan Chocolatiers in Your City
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One of the ways I'm trying to a) support local businesses and b) keep some fun in my life while I sit at home is by ordering fancy chocolate. Do you have a local chocolatier in your area that delivers nationally?

Ones I've already ordered from are Videri (in my hometown of Raleigh, NC) and Veruca in Chicago. Would love more suggestions.

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Chatelaine in Bozeman, MT.
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Long Grove Confectionary in Illinois is decadent and delicious!
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EHChocolatier is great! They used to be based out of Somerville, MA, but I think they're now in Cambridge.
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Theo Chocolate in Seattle. Yum.
Also get a bag of Wilbur Buds from Lititz, PA.
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Yes! And they need business badly. Cacao Chemistry in Colorado.

Their pastries are my fave, but alas not a shipping option.

Some recommendations:
Dark w sea salt

Dark hot chocolate

Even if yer a white chocolate hater like me, this is surprisingly delicious.

I'm not seeing the truffles on the website, but the dark/Cabernet and dark/bacon are quite good.
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Best answer: Not in my area anymore but: Lillie Belle Farms makes excellent chocolate, even if you can't buy the blue cheese truffles online. (They DO have a special mask-wearing chocolate bunny this year, though.)
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Theo chocolate +1. They're pretty big - might be in your grocery - but I've never been disappointed considering the price point. Dark/orange is a treat.
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I also order from Lake Champlain quite a bit. Spicy Aztec is best in show, but all good.
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L.A. Burdick Chocolates in Cambridge, MA is wonderful.

Also, seconding EH Chocolatier!
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Maverick Chocolate from Cincinnati!
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(p. s. Lillie Belle does currently offer a smokey blue cheese truffle spread for shipping, also in partnership with Rogue Creamery next door.)
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Lagusta’s Luscious!
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Euphoria Chocolate in Eugene, OR is still shipping; everything I've had from there has been awesome.
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Li-lac Chocolates and Economy Candy, the best candy store ever, both in NYC.
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Condor Chocolates in Athens, GA. They make lots of wonderful chocolate goodies, including excellent truffles, but I'd recommend just their chocolate bars. The smoked sea salt one is a personal favorite.
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Opera Fudge is heavenly, and made by hand by Wertz Candies.
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Folks in CT like Bridgewater Chocolate

"Bridgewater Chocolate was first established by owner and founder, Erik Landegren, in 1995. Erik came to the United States from Stockholm, Sweden to open Aquivit, the highly acclaimed, seasonal Nordic style Swedish restaurant in the heart of New York City. After many successful years at Aquivit, Erik met his wife-to-be, Patti, and moved to the town of Bridgewater, CT to raise a family. Erik began making chocolate while he was running the quaint Bridgewater Village Store. He loved the American style chocolates he was able to find in the US but missed the handmade, high-quality ingredients and recipes from his childhood. "

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5150 in Delray Beach.
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Christopher Elbow, Kansas City and San Francisco.
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The Chocolatier and La Cascade du Chocolat, both in Exeter, NH.

Watson’s and Fowler’s, both in Buffalo, NY.

Pure Imagination in Grandview Heights, Ohio says their website is currently being redeveloped, but once they’re back up, they’re good.
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Oooh, Ester Price in Dayton, Ohio.
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Chocolat Moderne are great chocolate and good peoples. I am normally not a great fan of fruit-filled chocolates, but theirs are great.

Kee's Chocolates are also beloved.
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Eldora Chocolate Company here in New mexico is wonderful! I have been on a tour of their facility given by the owner and I can attest that these people are passionate about doing chocolate right. They are soucing responsibly and they make their chocolate from bean to bar. The resulting product is amazing I think(though I admit I am not a choclate expert by any means).
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Meeteetse Chocolatier (in Meeteetse, WY)
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Hedonist Artisan Chocolates in Rochester NY
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Cocoa mill in Lexington, VA (their online shop doesn't work at the moment but they do phone orders.)

I'm a big fan of the dark chocolate peanut clusters, as well as the dark chocolate ginger and dark chocolate orange peel. pretty certain at one point the nyt named their fudge one of the best in the country. (they don't always have it)
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Moonstruck Chocolate in Portland, Oregon. I can vouch for them—their chocolates are a popular gift item in my family.
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Sweet Cascades in Ellicott City is my local favorite. The chocolate covered caramels are my personal favorites.
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Chocolate Springs in Lenox, MA is phenomenal. I can’t recommend their truffles highly enough.
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My favorite in Seattle is Intrigue Chocolate.

Also great: Alma Chocolate in Portland and Map Chocolate in Eugene.
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Chocolate Man in Lake Forest Park, Washington. It's a teeny business with delicious chocolate.
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Marsatta in Torrance, California
Wonderful question- thanks!!
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Cacao and Cardamom in Houston. Everyone who's received them in the mail as gifts from us has been astonished at how artful the chocolates are!
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Chuao Chocolatier Carlsbad, CA. I like the truffles more than the bars, but it’s all yummy. They also make a spicy hot chocolate mix that is amazing.
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In Portland, Maine, Chocolats Passion; in nearby Westbrook, Black Dinah Chocolatiers.

Your question is a timely reminder that an online order by me from these places for deserving friends and family would be, as they say, a win-win.
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Piron in Evanston, IL. The strawberry mousse is life changing.
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In hopes they reopen: gâté comme des filles in Somerville, MA.
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CoraLee Candies in Glenview IL has ah-mazing toffee.
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Gearhart's Chocolate in Charlottesville and Richmond, VA.
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Vosges and Wild Ophelia in Chicago.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate in St. Louis.

Kakao in St. Louis.

Kakawa in Sante Fe.
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MS Vegetable beat me to Vosges but specifically Caramel Marshmallows. Cool purple packaging too.
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cooker girl mentioned Maverick already so i will make a specific Maverick recommendation: 70% Hawaiian dark chocolate. It is sublime.
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Dandelion in San Francisco is still shipping. (And for locals reading this, they're also doing local delivery.)
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Recchiuti ( in San Francisco. Everything is good!
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Response by poster: This is amazing, guys, thanks so much. I'm going to be all set until we have a vaccine!
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In case you (or anyone else) ever need a vegan option, Ethereal Confections in Illinois has the best vegan truffles I've had as a lactose-intolerant person who directly compares vegan options to the dairy-ful version.
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Best I've ever had.
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SOMA in Toronto!
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