chocolate ice cream
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what's the best chocolate ice cream.

what is it
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The kind you make from scratch.
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Brigham’s, found in the Boston area.
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I'm dying. This is the best metafilter post/response ever.

Weeping_angel is correct. May I recommend this recipe?
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I really like chocolate sorbetto, but your mileage may vary. I used to dislike chocolate ice cream as a kid because it dodn't taste like *chocolate*. It tasted more like, I dunno, especially milky cocoa.

Chocolate sorbetto from a good gelato place is what small me wanted chocolate ice cream to be. It's *very* rich, smooth, and fatty--the fat comes from cocoa butter, not dairy, and it's more concentrated chocolate in frozen form.
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The recipe in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream At Home for the Darkest Chocolate ice cream. Here’s a copy of the recipe I found online.

This is the only ice cream my husband eats. We have had no other chocolate ice cream in the house for years now. It is off the charts.
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The best chocolate ice cream is Barefoot Contessa's Deeply Chocolate Gelato. I thought for a long time that this was a variation on a David Lebovitz recipe but now that I'm searching around that doesn't seem to be the case. So you should also make David Lebovitz's Chocolate Sorbet for comparison's sake.

I like King Arthur Double Dutch Dark Cocoa in cold applications.
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If you just want to go buy some, try a gelato place. I find the chocolate flavor is more chocolatey in gelato than in ice cream. (But whenever I've tried gelato from the grocery store it's been disappointing.)

Your best bet is to make some at home. It will be much, much better than chocolate ice cream from the grocery store or from an ice cream shop. The recipe arrmatie suggests is a very good one. You can use anywhere from 4-6 egg yolks, even though it calls for 6. I think 5 might be the best number.

And the one hilaryjade suggests is also very good, as is Jeni's Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream.
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You can get Jeni's ice cream delivered to your doorstep, jsyk.
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I like David Liebovitz’s Chocolate ice cream recipe (5 yolks per quart) but these are my tips for winning the chocolate ice cream game:

1. Use good chocolate. I use Callebaut and have yet to go wrong. The Leibovitz recipe also calls for cocoa powder, and I have a can of Valrhona that I picked up somewhere. Penzey’s makes a really good cocoa powder, so does Sharffen Berger.

2. If you find that your chocolate ice cream custard is a bit on the bitter/acidic side (like if you don’t have Dutch process cocoa powder), start adding drops of vanilla (like 1/8 teaspoon or less) and that’ll polish the flavor without compromising the chocolatey goodness.
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I’m gonna be contrarian and recommend the Publix Premium Chocolate Trinity because a) it’s pretty cheap b) it has fudge and chocolate chunks in it and c) if you’re near a Publix, the weather’s probably pretty good, and that makes ice cream better.
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There are going to be a lot of terrific answers, but none will hold a candle to Carvel soft chocolate ice cream.

On the other hand, there is always the Carvel CookiePuss beer and the Fudgie the Whale Beer. Ice cream flavored beer. 'Nuff said.
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McConnell's swiss Chocolate
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Zanzibar Chocolate at the Fountain on Locust back here in St. Louis.
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Oberweis dark chocolate sea salt caramel. Pure decadence.
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I have to represent north of the 49th and say I prefer Chapman's Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream. I prefer it over Breyers or other brands.
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The best most chocolatey pint of ice cream I've ever bought from the grocery store is Graeter's Double Chocolate Chip.

The best most chocolatey scoop of ice cream I have relatively easy and consistent access to is JP Licks' Brownie Brownie Batter.

The best most chocolatey scoop of ice cream I have seasonal access to is JP Licks' El Diablo (a spicy chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and cayenne).
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If you want to go about making it from scratch, this recipe from Orangette is the fudgy, rich platonic ideal of chocolate ice cream. A chocolate ice cream lovers dream, I kid you not.
Commercially available option, I remember McConnell’s does a good job with their Dutchman’s Chocolate pint.
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In the regular ol’ “buy at the grocery store” category, Tillamook is hands down my favorite.
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this has vermouth in it and is subsequently the best possible
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Humphry Slcocombe Dark Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt, as far as I’ve tasted. I salt all my ice cream though. YMMV if you don’t like salty ice cream.
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Honestly Haagen Dasz
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If you're looking to go buy some, either the Talenti (yes, it's gelato, but not in any way that matters) or Straus, if you can get it where you are.
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I dunno if it's the best one, but my favorite is Tillamook Mud Slide.
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Alnatura Schoko

It’s so damn good. Not crazy sweet, rich and cocoa buttery in a way that’s surprising in a store-bought brand. We can get the Haagen-Daz and B&J’s which are also terrific, but this is really something else, like someone in the production was like, “Clear-out you clods and lemme show you how it’s really done.” And made this.

Draw-back: I don’t think it’s available outside of Europe.
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Agree that Chapman's Original Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream is shockingly good for cheap grocery store ice cream that comes out of a folded paper box.
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Herrell’s chocolate pudding.
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I make ice cream and I'm pretty good at it, but if I don't feel like making anything I buy Trader Joe's chocolate ice cream. I've had many, and theirs is surprisingly better than any store-bought variety I've tried.
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Kroger's Private Collection Chocolate Ganache is very, very good for store bought ice cream.
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Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip is a solid pint for crying while watching romance movies.
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Best I've ever had from the freezer in an Australian supermarket: Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate. Very creamy, very chocolatey, not over sweet. If I made ice cream at home and it came out like this I'd be pleased with it.
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I came in to recommend Jeni's, too. Decadent.
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In the past I have been very satisfied with Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy, which is chocolate ice cream with crushed chocolate cookies and chocolate pudding swirled in. The texture of the cookies doesn't register and the pudding adds extra richness.

Ample Hills' Dark Chocolate also satisfies.

But I think this is a kind of personal decision, because the definition of "the best chocolate" changes over your life, I think. You start out a Hershey's/Milk Chocolate lover, then you start to play around in the world of fudge, and over time you may start to move into the darker chocolate arena and maybe start venturing into the foofy single-origin bar world. And at some point over that spectrum you find home. I think there's a chocolate ice cream that caters to each stage of that spectrum, and so it depends what your chocolate profile itself is.
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Although if you're going to try making it from scratch, I suggest using a combination of dark cocoa powder and black cocoa powder for the flavoring. Someone tipped me off to that about a year ago for regular baking, and I have never gone back to the regular cocoa powder since (and am honestly now considering making an ice cream with that stuff, because I haven't tried that yet)
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Cacao Sampaka in Barcelona. They have a least 3 kinds of single origin cacao chocolate ice-cream. The whole place is just the greatest temple to chocolate in the known world.
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Nthing Jeni's. There's also a recipe in her cookbook, which means Weeping_angel can still be correct too. It's a phenomenal chocolate
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Jeni's or Graeter's.
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A few years ago I did a taste test between a few different supermarket brands. The main thing I learned is that two generous scoops of two different chocolate ice creams is always better than any one on its own. It makes you more aware of all the subtle differences between them.
If I had to pick just one though it would be Bacio di Latte in Sao Paulo, they also have a branch in LA.
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Here's how I solve this problem: I make my usual ice cream base (recipe to follow) with the addition of 25-40 g of the best cocoa powder I can buy (I'm fond of Cacao Barry).

Ice cream base: 5 egg yolks, 0.75 c sugar, 1.75 c heavy cream, 0.75 c milk, pinch salt. Mix together, place in a 3qt pot over medium heat, cook to 180F. Strain, chill, churn.

Chocolate ice cream variant: Same as above, add the cocoa powder in before you start heating. You can always add more if it doesn't look chocolatey enough. Be aware that cocoa powder is a thickening agent in its own right. If you've used enough, you'll basically have a pudding that you need to scrape and coax into your ice cream maker, and you won't really be able to get it to take on much air in churning. That's OK.
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Seconding the rec of Trader Joe's. I find many chocolate ice creams insufficiently chocolately, but theirs is good. I think it may be rebranded Double Rainbow ice cream.
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I was going to say zanzibar chocolate from The Chocolate Shoppe in Madison, WI. But, after reading these replies, I think I need to do further study of all of them to be sure.
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Homemade, no contest.
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I have tried every chocolate ice cream in the world and the best one is at Ralph’s. It’s called Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose tracks.
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Baskin Robbins' flavor number one, "World Class Chocolate".
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Definitely Chapman's Dutch Chocolate.

When trying to decide if a chocolate ice cream or any other chocolate (cake, brownies, bar) is any good or not, try it with your eyes closed. If you can tell it is chocolate you are on to a winner. There are a surprising number of chocolate ice creams out there that rely on colour and exciting description but if you didn't know they were chocolate you couldn't tell. Chapmans is good because it is simple - no brownie bits, or chocolate swirl, let alone salted caramel pieces to distract you from discovering a sub-standard chocolate base.
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i like blue marble and van leeuwen but since you betrayed the gang and left brooklyn you prolly can't get either
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we're dairy free, and we swear by the Trader Joe's coconut milk chocolate ice cream.
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That I've ever had, in the world? That would be Chocolate Profundo from Heladería Jauja, El Bolsón, Argentina. ("Para fanáticos.")
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If you aren't looking to pay an arm and a leg - Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate is sooooo good. (Not the regular chocolate)
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Well, now I know which question to show my friends if they want help understanding Ask Metafilter and what to expect in quality and depth of responses! Absolutely hilarious!

I love Double Rainbow's Chocolate ice cream, which I'm fairly sure is Trader Joe's ice cream because that used to be the only brand of ice cream they stocked before they withdrew it and had the exact same thing but with the TJ's logo slapped on it. This Northern (Californian) remembers.
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Zanzibar Chocolate is made by Chocolate Shoppe, which may be carried by an ice cream shop near you and is also available online.

Tip: their vanilla ice cream is marshmallowy and delicious and equal parts of that and Zanzibar topped with real whipped cream makes the ultimate milkshake.
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Ice Cream Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Ice Creams, with discussion of what to look for in ice creams.
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If you're in Australia: Van Diemens Land Creamery in Hobart.
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Reporting from Venice. My husband is a chocolate ice cream fanatic. Chocolate ice cream almost never meets his expectations. Our friends regularly make chocolate peanut butter ice cream for him as a gift and it took three years or tinkering for their recipe to make him happy. We have had to return to Gelato di Natura FOUR TIMES so he can have their extra dark chocolate gelato. Apparently, they have locations scattered around the world (and Venice).
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For store-bought, I am thirding the Trader Joe's recommendation, their Ultra Chocolate stuff.
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A serving of cheap chocolate ice cream becomes decadent once you stir in a spoonful of tahini.
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