ISO the very best chocolate-covered cherries
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Chocolate-covered cherries have been a winter holiday time tradition in my family, but I've become too much of a chocolate snob to be able to enjoy the ones from the drugstore. What are the very best chocolate-covered cherries I can buy online? Can be cordials (with a syrupy liquid) or not, but must involve whole cherries (not dried).
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I'm fairly sure these Lakeland Cherries in Brandy are whole, though you might want to ask them before ordering. I don't think their Dark-Chocolate Cherries are whole cherries, though they do taste very acceptable.
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I have no doubt in my mind that these are the best ones in the world :). They are expensive but magic!
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The chocolate covered cherries from our funky little local chocolate factory are quite good, although I imagine the wild typos on their website maybe don't inspire the greatest confidence.
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Oh I just realized my suggestion was dried cherries (but they are whole.) They are still very delicious but won't meet your criteria.
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It’s a bit mainstream compared to the other answers going but I promise you Godiva’s cherry cordials are fantastic, and not too overpoweringly sweet.
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John and Kira’s are delicious and beautiful, as are all of their other products [may count as dried, but you can see the photo]
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My favorite are from Watson's Chocolates in Buffalo. They have a website with some online ordering, but the cherries don't seem to be available.

The Chocolatier in Exeter, NH, makes some pretty good ones.
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I strongly recommend a new holiday tradition of making them yourself, as they are quite easy and you can ensure the base materials are high quality. My favorite version is to use the best chocolate you can find and soak the cherries in amaretto or rum for a day or two beforehand (though obviously not the latter if making with kids).
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These from Niederegger are amazing, but will depend on your liking for marzipan and booze. The cherries are Kirsch-soaked, so I'm not sure how to tell whether they were dried pre-soaking (or if that matters, once they're re-hydrated with booze). But thanks for reminding me, I must get some for Christmas. My link is UK, they're originally from Germany but you can probably get them online in the US.
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I don't know about the best in the world, seeing as how I haven't tasted every chocolate-covered cherry in the world (#punchlist #squadgoals), but Dilettante Chocolate of Seattle makes one that is very fine and readily available.

Our cherry dragées are all natural dried bing cherries coated with a blend of high-quality milk and dark chocolate. The final, outer coating is made of pure white chocolate that has been colored to a beautiful, deep red hue. When you bite into one of these yummy morsels you get a firm textured, semisweet chocolate followed by a chewy, fruity cherry center bursting with flavor.
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Here in Chicago, I buy Polish dark chocolate cherries at the eastern European deli. They get them in just for the holidays usually and they usually contain alcohol. Brands vary but the Polish really know how to do cherries. If you have a Polish store, ask them which ones are best.
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Cherry cordial from Piron, the best chocolate I have eaten ever.
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Cordial cherries from Sarris are delicious
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For me, the Fudge Pot is the place to go to get old fashioned stuff like this.

They sell online, like many small businesses.
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Do you have a local chocolatier anywhere nearby? One of those fancy, old-fashioned places that makes their own candy? There's one in the next town over from me, and their chocolate covered cherries (among other things) are to die for. The fact that they come from a local, family-owned business that's been operating for generations and which is really only known to folks who live around them makes their stuff feel extra special. Candies from Fedele's are a holiday tradition in my family, and if you have a similar place nearby then maybe they can be a tradition in yours as well.
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