Can I donate a N95 mask to a health care facility?
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I was going through my stuff and found I still have an unused N95 mask that I had for when I work outside to avoid allergies. I could use it myself but think it would go to better use by a health care worker.

I would give to a friend if I knew anyone in that position. If I contacted a local hospital would they take it? Or if any healthcare workers on here would like it I would ship it to you. It is unused but not sealed in the box anymore since I used one of the masks already so I guess it might be considered non-sterile.
posted by Justin Case to Health & Fitness (8 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite has a directory of places that are accepting donated equipment, many are accepting open packages or even used masks. If you don't see your area there I bet just calling around you'd find somewhere that wants it. (Can look for hospitals, emergency responders, but also nursing homes, residential facilities for adults with disabilities, home health/visiting nurse agencies.)
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I had a few N95 masks lying around and there was a local area I could bring it to be collected or the hospital was accepting them at the door. Check your local hospital's website. Mine were in an open container.
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If you're on social media you can look for a Mutual Aid-Your City site where they have been organzing requests. I donated masks to a contat that delivered to workers at an emergency homeless shelter--they need protective equipment but it doesn't necessarily have to pass surgical standards of sterility.
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This FPP also includes links to lists of medical facilities requesting masks: Asks for Masks
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Just yesterday my nurse friend was posting on Facebook looking for an N95 for another nurse who needed to go to work but the hospital was out of them. You don't have to give it directly to the facility - just to someone who would rather have something other than a homemade beanie baby tied to their face for protection.
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My husband works in healthcare. I would love them. I'll PM you. (For privacy reasons, I don't want to post it here.)
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Even if your local hospital won’t, your local fire or police station certainly will. (In my area, the hospital still wants unopened packaging, info about manufacturer and expiration date, etc while the firehouses have just been like “drop off whatever you have.”)
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I'm Ms Vegetables husband. You aren't in my area, but I am certain that you will find the hcw in your area happy to take a clean mask. We are on a "use it till it falls apart" schedule and my literal job is covid intubation specialist.
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