Mediterranean on Ice
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I'm looking for Mediterranean diet recipes that 1) are inexpensive to make, and 2) can be made in batches (i.e., 9-12 servings) and frozen for later use. Hit me, Metafilter!
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Classic ratatouille. It's very versatile and can be used as the base for many other dishes.
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Minestrone You can wait with the pasta till you plan to eat it, otherwise it tends to get quite big and soft. Though if you have a quick freeze function it won't be a big issue.
Oxtail stew works very well for freezing, but depending on where you live, oxtails might not be cheap any longer.
Instead you could make a stew with less meat and more vegetables. When the lockdown started, I made a stew of 4 chicken thighs, 2 carrots roughly sliced, 1/4 celeriac roughly diced, 6 small potatoes, 1 bell pepper cut up into bite size pieces, some garlic and two onions, quartered. I browned the thighs, then plonked all the rest in with some seasoning: black pepper, cumin and thyme. Then I added crushed tomatoes from a tin, and stock made from a cube to cover. I cooked it till the meat fell off the bones and tasted wether it needed salt (a little). I didn't bother to freeze it because I love this stew so much, I just had it for four meals in a row, with rice. You could also have it with bread or with couscous. Spice it up with chili sauce when eating, rather than while cooking, so you can vary it a bit. It's very healthy as well as easy to make and freeze. You can make with any meat, or combination of meats, and you can use many different vegetables. Adjust the amount of added liquid if you use squash, for instance.
I also make a pasta sauce that is like a bolognese sauce, but where I replace the meat with eggplant. Here you need to finely dice all the ingredients. This I freeze both with and without the pasta: with short pasta for a quick microwave lunch, without for when I feel the time and energy for cooking the pasta OR for using on toast or in a pie. It's one of those sauces that seem to get better when frozen. You can also do half eggplant half meat for a healthy compromise.
I love a Mediterranean okra stew. This isn't the exact one I use, I can't find it online, but it is very close.
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