Looking for artists and art print sites - examples inside
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I am looking to buy some wall art. I am a huge art appreciator and am looking for a specific aesthetic. Details inside.

I am looking to buy  some art for my house. I love art that is inspired by street art and has a punk ethos to it. Some strangeness or things that are a bit twisted, whether in content or aestetic.

Some examples

Robert Del Naja
Aykut Aydogdu
David Carson
Floria Sigismondi (photography)
Apollonia Saintclair
Stanley Donwood
Bezt Etam

I know of sites like eyesonwalls and society6 and boxing bear. I am looking for recommendations of artists and sites that I can find art that not everyone has in their house. I can spend hundreds, but not thousands.

Thank you in advance
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kultureshop.in represents and sells prints and other art from india-based and indian-origin artists of all styles. We bought some things in the shop the last time we were in mumbai but they ship and seem to be actually do good by the artists they sell.
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A lot of contemporary First Nations artists may meet your requirements. I bought a killer skate deck from www.natachuink.com

Jason Garcia does awesome work: www.okuupin.com
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Find the artists you already like on Instagram, browse related accounts to discover new art, and then buy prints directly from the artist where available. Here's how:

Go to the Instagram profile of an artist whose work you enjoy. (Assuming it's not a private account,) tap the little down-arrow button that's above their image grid to the right. This will open up a row of suggested other accounts. (The number of suggestions varies, but I got 80 suggestions off one artist that I follow.) Some will be other artists, some will be galleries, some will be print shops, and so on.
Go into those suggested accounts one by one and see if there's anything in there that you like. You can go as deep down a suggestion rabbit hole as you want... then you can swipe the whole screen left to back step by step out of the rabbit hole to the original artist's account.
As you go along, save individual images you like to a collection. (Tap & hold the little right-side flag under the expanded image.) These saved images will remind you of artists you might want to buy from later. You can access the collection by going into your own profile, opening the menu on the upper-right, then hitting “Saved” on your account menu.
When you see some stuff that you want in your home, follow the link in the account's bio and see if they have a web shop. If they don't, send them an email or an Instagram message expressing interest in buying their work. If they're selling through a gallery, they'll redirect you.

Yes, this is more effortful than going though something like Society6. But (1) it's fun, awareness-expanding effort. You'll find lots of new favorite artists! And (2) artists would love for you to discover them on your own and buy work directly from them. You will make some creators very happy by seeking them out and waving money and appreciation at them.

If you don't already use Instagram, it's quick to set up a profile and you don't have to follow anyone* or post any images of your own. You can even write in your bio, “Just here to appreciate other people's art.”
*if that requirement has changed and you do need to follow someone right off the bat, feel free to use me for that.

Happy hunting!
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