What is this? And: Is it loud?
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Can you identify this strange interactive sound making device?

The sound making device in question.

There seem to be multiple buttons and at least one speaker on this thing. It seems to be in public (on a street pole), as the german text says: "Please refrain from switching on this damn thing at night! This is an order! You are just upsetting the residents, here. Hopefully, this finally becomes clear. 'Respect' is demanded!"
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Looks like art to me...
posted by Chairboy at 9:57 AM on February 12, 2009

Someone's street art project?
posted by tachikoma_robot at 9:59 AM on February 12, 2009

Looks like some possibly circuit bent goodness. Try touching multiple contacts in various iterations and make a recording of it at once?
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Response by poster: Yes, street art quite probably. But it looks sophisticated, and must include some not-too-cheap hardware. I hoped by some weird coincidence someone might come up with the artist name, or a link, or something ("Actually, my brother just...")

Wow, mnology, that would be great. I would totally linger around at night, trying that out.
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Might be worth contacting the guys from Titanic and asking them? Or asking them if they can ask Julian Müller, or put you in touch with him? Knowing where exactly it is would help googling it...
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Response by poster: ClarissaWAM, thanks, that I already have done, and kindly Leo Fischer, the editor in chief, already forwarded my mail to Julian, the guy who made this pic. So, the idea exactly is to ask at least for the place. Maybe he even knows more...
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No, Henrik, not at night, eh? The residents, after all!
Looks like it says "BLA BLA BLA" in marker underneath the paper sign...? Which makes me think perhaps you'd hear voices if this thing was activated.
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Response by poster: To follow-up, Julian Müller responded with some more information: "At the push of a button the device plays different poems and text in disputatious volume. Each button leads into the unknown, as they are not labeled."

The installation is located in Weimar in front of the university library, besides the bus station.
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