Mystery Girl
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Who did the original of this iconic girl?

Ever since I photographed her in Montreal a few months ago, I thought that I would easily remember where the original source cam from. Obviously I didn't. And then, yesterday, I was contacted by a guy in Santiago, Chile, who found another version (flipped).
I know her. Who is she?
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Best answer: Isn't that Bettie Page?
posted by RossWhite at 8:39 AM on September 16, 2007

Despite the bangs, that doesn't look much like Betty Page to me. My first thought was Fay Wray, but the hair's not right... perhaps it's an actress from another b/w horror film?
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Best answer: That's Dave Stevens's Betty Page, as originally portrayed in The Rocketeer and then other comics.
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Yes, Bettie. Sorry.
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Best answer: I second the ID of this as a Dave Steven's Bettie. Very close to this version.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys.

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