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Is there any site that will give me updates in comic book storylines for a long stretch of time (last 6 months +) since I barely can afford to buy one nowadays?
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This one? (Or would that be too chat?) Post a list of what you want to get caught up on.

I usually flit between Comic Book Resources and Newsarama and read reviews/previews. If I need more details, there are forum subjects dedicated to single issues that usually fill in the blanks.
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The piracy websites (the pirate bay and the like) almost always have giant archives of scanned comic books. They tend to be the more popular series, and not the indie shit. But, they're generally pretty up to date (maybe 1 month behind at most). You'll also need a comic book reader (that supports .cbr or .cbz); there're a number of these available on different platforms.

Of course, if you were to use such a bountiful resource, you'd be evil and stealing and smelly. And your mate will leave you. So will your dog.
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Response by poster: Any comics but Im happy with Marvel and DC.
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Most reviewers only do singles but some will do full-on arcs. Wikipedia is usually ok for general plot summaries of larger arcs (Civil War, Manifest Destiny, New Krypton). Fan-sites will give you more depth (Uncanny X-Men #501), but coverage and diversity will be pretty spotty.

If you just want an overview of whats out now, with a bit of commentary & context (or not), and not a plot rehash, these are my picks:
The Savage Critics
Jog the Blog
Mindless Ones
Funnybook Babylon
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The X-Axis used to do weekly updates, but the guy behind it got tired of the website design, and switched over to If Destroyed, his general purpose website. He used to do the weekly updates, but now he just kind of checks in on ongoing storylines. He's pretty critical of the X-books at the moment, and from what he says, they are pretty bad.

I've checked out some of the scans. The Joss Whedon run was... yeah. I'd give it a miss. On the other hand, there's the Batman RIP thing, which might be worth checking out.

For a comic reader, I use CDisplay. Pretty simple, bug free.
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