Habit tracker app that tracks times of day
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I'm looking for a habit tracker app for iOS that can record what time I mark the habit done, and that makes it easy to see trends in those times. I've found bedtime apps that work like this — they're basically super-limited single-issue habit trackers, where the only habits you can have are "go to bed" and "wake up." But I want to be able to do it for more habits, and for things that don't necessarily happen once a day.
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I use Track & Graph on Android. Maybe one of these alternatives for IOS might work?
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I used to use an app called timejot (recommended in response to an ask MeFi question) for something like this. It hasn't been updated and doesn't work anymore, but when I search for it in the app store the things that come up are time trackers like for work. I haven't looked at any of them, but one of them might work for you. (The search only worked this way for two words i.e. "time jot." Searching for "time tracker" brings up similar apps.)

Here is my old question in case other answers are of interest.
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