iPhone event tracker app including time data?
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I would like to record multiple instances of an event on my iPhone. This event happens several times a day, at more-or-less random times. I would like to be able to do something very simple (like touch an icon on my phone screen) to note that "this happened now" and then to go back over time and see each occasion (with date and time info) when the event happened.

The ability to add notes would be nice but is not required. Similarly for export. I don't need reminders, I don't need to sync with anything (other than possible export options) as I will only be doing this on my phone, and I don't need to be able to track multiple types of events. I don't object to any of these, but I don't need them. All the trackers I've found with an admittedly quick search seem to be (1) by day, without time info (2) primarily a reminder function and/or (3) a "last time this happened" tracker. Does what I want exist?
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Best answer: Not exactly what you asked for, but you could definitely roll your own solution using the Workflow app. The app basically allows you to build custom workflows to run on your iOS device, which can be run by tapping a link on your home screen (or within the today widget, or your Apple Watch). You could easily create a workflow to append to a Dropbox or google doc with a time/date stamp when run. It can sound intimidating for non-techy folks, but it's very easy to use.
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Best answer: On iPhone: tap the Home button (below the screen) to wake up the device, and you should see the time and today's date displayed on your lock screen. Hold down the Home button and simultaneously tap the Power button (on the top of the device), and your phone will capture an image of the screen and save it into your Photos folder. If you tend to use your camera to take a lot of photos, it might help to also create a new Album for this purpose, and periodically select all the recent screen-shots and move them into that folder.
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Alternatively, I really like Google Keep for making very quick notes on my phone. It has a clean and simple interface, and seems to launch without much delay. I think of it as being like a digital Post-It note. It's not quite a "one button" solution, as you'd have to actually write in the info you want to record ("thing, Aug 31, 6.30pm"), but it's fast and fuss-free.
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I do something similar with this app. Free version and pro version. Works with Apple Watch too, which makes it easy to tap and timestamp a task/instance.

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Best answer: Time Jot does exactly what you want. It notes the date & time and there is a notes area. Data is exportable.
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Best answer: Seconding workflow. It is indeed easy to set up and it lets you create a simple button, accessible from the lock screen, that logs a time stamp. I use this to track inhaler usage, so the data goes to Apple health, which lets me easily see graphs of usage per day/week/etc, or look at all of the instances in a list.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. I think I will try workflow even though it is a bit of overkill for the single task I want because it looks like it could be useful for other things too. I also appreciated the dead simple "take a screenshot of the home page with date and time" which I totally should have thought of myself.
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Response by poster: Revised answer: Workflow proved to be more than I wanted to think about right now, so I went with Time Jot - which, indeed, is already exactly what I want.
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Response by poster: I've been prompted to update and close this out. I am still using Time Jot and and it just about perfect except that (1) I can't delete something if I log it mistakenly. (The app does have a delete function, but for me it just closes the app.) However, if I remember I can use that entry at the next actual event by changing the time, which leads me to (2) the entries appear in the main screen in EST (my time zone), but if I go to more detail to edit them, they appear in PST. This makes editing the time mildly confusing, though it is still entirely manageable. It is possible that there is a setting to change this that I just haven't found. Overall, I am very happy with this app. Thanks dogmom for the suggestion!
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