What character can relate to both luxury and poverty at the same time?
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Much in the same way a folkloric court jester combined wisdom and folly. Is there an iconic character (folklore, mythology, or world history) who could typically walked with kings and commoners alike?
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toss a coin for your Witcher...
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Death, perhaps. He comes for everyone, be they king or commoner, after all.
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Court Jester.
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Priests, (good) popes, other such religious folk, perhaps.
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I like bards! I think the art scene in general can often serve this function in bringing together disparate classes, even if it's not a character.

In stories, mercenaries can often serve that role; more broadly, the commoner-turned-lord can sometimes offer the same perspective. In the other direction, wise men or religious figures also might cross those lines easily. Detectives, too, might fit.

A jester, though, is a trope, whereas you're describing behaviours - I can't think of anything where you wouldn't have to describe that they do, in fact, associate with rich and poor alike.
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Well, if you want to include women in this, midwives cared for women of all social classes.
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According to Wikipedia, wet nurses might fit the bill. The entry discusses history, culture, social class, and mythology.
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In history - Leonardo da Vinci maybe? In general, people in the arts like painters, actors, singers, etc.. Military leaders like generals, admirals, etc.
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the mythical self-made millionaire.
valets. livery drivers. executive assistants. groupies. concierges. sex workers. fine dining servers; sommeliers. doorpersons, footpersons. tailors, barbers, stylists. plumbers.
little orphan annie.
maybe oliver twist (dickens strikes me as a potentially rich vein for such characters)
nick carraway (who narrated gatsby)
the prince and the pauper.
jean-michel basquiat. james brown. davy crockett. benjamin franklin.
middle management.
perhaps the occasional professional sports star.
to the degree they aren't bards, many classes of musician or poets/writers.
wait, must they be able to enjoy being regarded by the elite as peers?
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Prince Hal, aka Henry V, from Shakespeare's Henry IV?
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Political advisers, consiglieres, aide-de-camps, and other servants have often acted as go-betweens royalty or people of power, and those underneath, throughout history. One might imagine that being able to context shift or "code switch" would be an important job requirement.
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There are the prince and the pauper, from The Prince and the Pauper.
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Kanye West.
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This is a chain of associations, so bear with me. I was listening to an interview with Michael Chabon around the time that The Yiddish Policeman's Union was released, and he was saying that he had part of the inspiration -- the idea of a Yiddish-speaking Jewish nation -- but lacked a story hook to bring the reader into that world.

Then (he related) he had read something from a scholarly review of books which posited that a good private detective/noir story functioned a an unofficial tour guide to a city, whether real or fictional, because by the nature of their work a detective has access to lower-class establishements, criminal underworld, working-class people, etc. while at the same time a tale of corruption and vice usually stretches upwards to high-society parties, lavish chateaus, corporate boardrooms, private estates, etc.

So that's why he decided on making his alternate history into a detective mystery, using the investigation to poke into all corners of his made-up nation. It's something I noticed again when re-reading Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn, how Lionel's investigation takes him all around a very specific era in NYC history.
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Politicians (successful ones).
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I suppose that guards would literally walk with kings and commoners alike, mostly in order to keep them separated.
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Wizards are fond of advising / shouting at kings but also hanging out with ordinary folk, for whom they point out useful things like enchanted weapons trapped in geology, prescient pigs, and especially good weeds.
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Child care workers working in their client’s home, and live in housekeepers.
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Littlefinger -- but he wouldn't want you to know that.


philosophers, priests, and pastors

Oprah maybe

little orphan Annie, adult or child versions

Anne of Green Gables

Meryl Streep, I bet, or any very gracious actor
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Rafting tour guides, yoga/Pilates/martial arts teachers, dude ranch workers, ghillies?
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The tax collector.
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Napoleon I
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The characters in the movie Hustlers.
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Basically all the gods and spirits representing death, decay, or disease. There is a LOT of visual history for this, particularly in grave and funerary goods (esp in times of plague), lots of Victorian stuff too. Most cultures have produced some version of "Kings and Commoner dance as puppets as Death pulls the strings" (Oddly enough, not so much in ancient Egyptian stuff...lots of depictions of what happens after you die, and explicitly stated that this process of entering the afterlife is the same for everyone...just, Pharaohs were gods, not kings...mortality didn't apply to them in the same way...it's complicated.)
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I don't know if this is what you mean, but Spider-Man came to mind. Usually flat broke, knows everybody on his block, but also hangs out with gods and aliens and billionaires.
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The bartender.
Ship captains, railway conductors, and ferry boat men.
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Nora Charles: "Oh Nicky, I love you because you know such lovely people."

Nick Charles.
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Courtesans and Royal mistresses.
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Artists, musicians, architects, skilled tradespeople, doctors, experts in any field?
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teachers! especially public school teachers in mixed-income districts. my mom taught public school for many years and has dealt with extremely rich and extremely poor families in the same grade, class, neighborhood, you name it. professors can also fit the bill, provided that the school where they profess has the same feature in the student body.
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Captain of the guards or some other war dude. Just as likely to have the ear of the king and court and attend balls and make social visits as to spend the evenings in a tavern getting drunk with his men or skulking about the common folk.
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Gandalf is notable for his familiar nature with both kings and commoners.
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One trope is god/goddesses and royalty that disguise themselves to be among the middle and lower class.

Classic examples of connecting people in the Bible that come from humble beginnings are Moses (slave) David (shepherd) Jesus (Carpenter). Most prophets have humble beginnings.

Similar roles exist in classic tales and Shakespeare.

On the modern day prophet, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Dorothy Day, Greta Thurnburg, Gloria Steinem (journalism helps, Oprah is in this category too) Wilma Mankiller, Harvey Milk...
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If you’d like to read specific stories, I immediately thought of the protagonists of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Death features prominently, yes, but Sir Samuel Vimes, commander of the City Watch of Ankh-Morpork, is a character who explicitly thinks about class differences in society. He grew up in the poorest part of the city, but through his work as a policeman he not only ends up walking among the rich but also ends up marrying the richest woman in the city.
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Wes Anderson movies sometimes have this contradictory element.
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The first character that came to mind for me was Sara Crewe from the book, "A Little Princess".
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Vanity Fair's Becky Sharp
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Henry V of England, at least in Shakespeare's version.
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David Copperfield?
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Seconding Jesus. And Death, of course.
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Sherlock Holmes worked with people across all levels of society.
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Robin Hood?
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Ambulance drivers, fire fighters, and hospital emergency ward staff.
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