Skeptical podcasts about fringe beliefs
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What are your favorite podcasts that feature smart, skeptical, knowlegable, usually-kind hosts talking about UFOs, cryptiods, conspiracy theories, psuedoscience, and other fringy stuff? I've recently found myself really enjoying podcasts about strange and almost certainly false beliefs, produced by people who don't believe them. I'm a fan of ArchyFantasies, Oh No Ross and Carrie, QAnon Anonymous, Wild Thing, Sawbones, and The Dream. What else should I try?

I've listened to both Skeptoid and Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, but the hosts' personas really don't appeal to me.
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I love the podcast You’re Wrong About. Two kind yet snarky hosts (both journalists) debunk the narratives we think we know. Definitely skews true crime or historical but I highly highly highly recommend the Satanic Panic episode.
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A vodcast (?), not a podcast, and not free, but $15, but Kirby Ferguson's This is not a Conspiracy Theory.
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Once a month Big Picture Science does a “Skeptic Check” episode.
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The podcast You Are Not So Smart recently covered flat-earth in ep170. In general it's about delusion, fallacy, confirmation bias etc.
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Definitely Our Fake History. This show tries to figure out what’s fact, what’s fiction, and what is such a good story it simply must be told.

Recent podcasts include "Who Built the Pyramids?" and "What Caused the Black Death?". Unsurprisingly, both of those examine whether alines were involved along with much more reasonable theories.
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There's the classic "Skeptics Guide to the Universe."

Knowledge Fight is a podcast dedicated to going through and analyzing Alex Jones. I haven't listened to it, but it's going to be debunking his bullshit.

Rational wiki has a decent list. I've listened to some of them and given that it's rational wiki, I think they'd avoid the podcasts that are from the MRA/alt right side of the atheism community.
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I've been looking for things similar to this, too! I'm really surprised and disappointed there's not more wellness debunking out there like 'Sawbones' and some of the 'Oh No Ross & Carrie' topics. The guys at 'None Dare Call it Ordinary' are doing a cool series about extreme diets right now, but they've done topics about religious sects, conspiracies and aliens as well.
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