Podcast recommendations that are like dudely trashy TV?
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I'm trying to get my dad into podcasts, so I'm looking for suggestions for podcasts he might enjoy. Can you recommend podcasts that he might dig, based on his interests?

He likes:
- Trashy TV shows about aliens/paranormal stuff - Bigfoot, haunted places, ancient alien visitors, etc.
- Trashy TV shows about surviving in the wilderness/the Yukon/harsh conditions
- Sci-fi novels. He might be interested in audio books or sci-fi fiction podcasts
- Fixing mechanical things, neat ways to make things work, neat ways of thinking about machines
- Hunting and ranching, outdoors in general
- Cooking, interesting recipes
- Some pop-science stuff, especially astronomy and space stuff
- Sports (pro football & basketball, not so much college sports)
- History as long as it is presented in an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to way. I don't think he would like a long dry history podcast much.
- Conservative radio and TV (I would prefer not to encourage him to listen to MORE of this b/c I think it is poisoning his brain, but if you have suggestions for some conservative podcasts that are not too hateful please tell me!)
- Some nutrition/health stuff, especially if it is a little on the woo side

Also happy to have recommendations that don't directly relate to any of the above topics, but that you think might appeal to the type of person who likes all the things above.

Thanks, metafilter!
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There are lots of great pro basketball podcasts out thereā€”I'd start him with The Lowe Post, which casual or intense fans can enjoy. (If he's a moderately serious NBA fan I'd add TrueHoop, and if he's really serious add Dunc'd On.)
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Last year, the You Must Remember This podcast did a long series on Charles Manson's Hollywood (Vanity Fair article on it -- and it made lots of last year's best-of lists).

It's absolutely riveting. I'd toss it in the history category, but it's so much more.
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He might be interested in audio books or sci-fi fiction podcasts.

The Message and LifeAfter, both on the same feed (check FanFare) are excellent and short (the former is 8 episodes of around 15 minutes each, the latter is 10 of 20-30 minutes each), so he can see whether he likes the format. From there, he can check out Limetown and We're Alive and Alice Isn't Dead and The Bright Sessions and a whole world of others.
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In the same vein, there's The Black Tapes podcast. It's a podcast about demon investigations -- it builds up and several of them are truly creepy.
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James O'Brien's Mystery Hour is great.
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Maybe Thinking Sideways for the mystery/conspiracy stuff?
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The Memory Palace! Best informal history podcast ever. Beautiful little vignettes of near-forgotten American history, mostly 19th century.
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Mysterious Universe for Bigfoot/UFO/ghost content.
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Perhaps obvious, but does he listen to Car Talk? It's available as a podcast.
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He might like Bill Burr's podcast. I do and I'm not into sports at all, but Bill Burr is just so naturally entertaining, I actually enjoy hearing his thoughts on football and hockey, his rants against technology and pop culture, what's going on in the news and the random minutiae that's happening in his life. He's funny without trying to be funny; just the way he describes his average day and the situations he bumbles into -- hilarious.
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The interviewees skew younger (as in under 50) but Nicole Antoinette does long form interviews with lots of athletes, men and women - he could pick and choose who sounds interesting. I loved the Blair Braverman interview (sled dogs!); she speaks briefly about her trans partner which might put him off or might...not? Could be a good subtle into? Anyway, lots of endurance athletes - runners, hikers, mountain bikers etc.

I also really like the stitcher app for creating playlists, finding new stuff, and downloading for later.
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"Neat ways of thinking about machines" and an interest in history made me think of 99% Invisible and the memory palace. Maybe Radiolab too.

Criminal is excellent and might catch his interest.

Stuff You Should Know is very engaging and there are a ton of episodes; he can scroll through the list to pick topics that sound interesting to get started.

There are a bunch of comedy podcasts in the vein of "several dudes talking about a bad movie" if that's something he might enjoy. My favorite is The Flop House.

For fake documentaries about alien/paranormal stuff, there's Limetown, the Black Tapes, Tanis, and The Message, with varying levels of trashiness (I say that with love!)
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My husband shares a few of the same interests as your dad (the last two are especially strong :/), and loves Time Ferriss and Joe Rogan's podcasts, along with the Bill Burr podcast mentioned about. I can't exactly recommend any of them...but maybe he'll enjoy?
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These are great suggestions, all, thank you! I will be checking all of them out. Happy to hear more if people have more ideas.
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Sounds like Last Podcast on the Left might be right up his alley. Maybe some episodes of the Dollop, too?
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Definitely The Joe Rogan Experience since JR is willing to host any guest with appropriate wide-eyed enthusiasm, no matter the crazy theory at hand.
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http://podiobooks.com/ has various novels in a podcast format. Generally the author is the reader. Scott Sigler has some good SF/Horror stuff on there, he's an excellent reader.

J.C. Hutchins has some SF/Mystery stuff too. Mur Lafferty has some good Fantasy/Humor books there.
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I don't see "Futility Closet" mentioned anywhere, but it might be a good fit.
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History as long as it is presented in an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to way. I don't think he would like a long dry history podcast much.

I would have him give Hardcore History a try. I avoided it for ages because it is certainly long, but it is anything but dry. Choose a series covering a period of history that he might be into (Wrath of the Khans is pretty great, though you'll need to pay for the older episodes) and if he's not hooked within the first 30 minutes or so then it's not for him. But it might be.

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a good short format show, but it is very feminine coded, from the female hosts, to the squeeing about fashion. I wish that this wasn't a thing, but wouldn't really recommend it to any male of an older generation, and your dad's interests in particular don't seem to align, but I could be wrong!

The Gist is a daily news podcast by a sports-type guy.

Making It is a chatty podcast with Jimmy Diresta and other YouTube maker types. I wasn't a fan (I don't like the chatty format) but tastes differ.
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I have caught a couple of episodes of the Outside Podcast via NPR One. It seems like a nice mix of gripping survival stories and scientific skepticism.
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The Bill Simmons Podcast is NBA and NFL centric.
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Science: CBC's Quirks and Quarks should fit him to a T!
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Thanks all! These are great suggestions. Hopefully he will enjoy some of these. (Not marking any best answers because all the answers were helpful!)
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