Help me find this abduction story!
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A few years ago, I heard a segment on NPR/Seattle Public Radio about two men who claimed to have been abducted by aliens some number of years ago. I'm not sure if it was a This American Life story (but I don't think it was based on what I found of the show archives), a NPR story, or a Seattle Public Radio story. I am trying to find a recording of that piece now and/or more information about the story it covered.

I don't remember all the details, but here are the ones that I do recall:

-Two men claimed to be abducted some number of years ago while out camping (maybe in a row boat or something when the abduction actually happened?)
-They couldn't really remember it for years
-One of them was some kind of artist, and he eventually started finding himself compulsively sculpting strange figures that he ultimately realized were the figures of the aliens
-One or both of them recounted their abduction experience under hypnosis
-They convinced many people that there experiences were real

Does anyone know the names of the guys involved, have a link to the story or recording of the piece? Thanks for any info you have about this!
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Was it part 3 of Last Man Standing?
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(Which is about the guys involved in Fire in the Sky, by Travis Walton, one of the abductees.)
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Response by poster: That might be it, but I remember that one of the men definitely sculpted weird alien figures as a part of the story. Also, there was a part in which the guy who did the hypnosis related what he had heard from one of the men and said he was convinced it was real.
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