Who made this cup?
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When I was a boy, probably about five years old, my grandmother gave me this ceramic cup with a picture of a fox on it. I believe she bought it in Norway, but I could be misremembering. Does anyone recognize this cup and know who made it?
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It has no handle, incidentally.
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And there's nothing on the base?
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No markings? When were you a boy?
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When were you a boy?

Kattullus does have their age listed on their profile.
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Clue? Same fox image is shown here - you need to scroll down to see it https://www.jafi.dk/shop/keramik-krus-med-29876p.html
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I was given the cup in the mid-eighties.

And that’s definitely the same image, Glomar Response, but a completely different sort of cup. It’s quite heavy, and doesn’t have any identifying marks on it, and I would like to get a couple more, but I’ve never seen anything resembling it.

There used to be a similar cup, which I think my sister got, with a image of a goose on it, but that broke a long time ago.
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