Fixing up a serger
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I received a serger from my local Buy Nothing group, and am in the process of cleaning it up/fixing it. The foam padding that goes under the spools is torn and I'm not familiar enough with sergers to know whether I should buy a replacement pad online or if I can just make something with fleece. This is for a Bernette by Bernina 334D. I've found roughly similar foam pads but nothing that's exactly the same shape. If you use a serger, please let me know what you think!
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You don't need to have that padding at all.
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Yeah I don't have a lot of experience with sergers but I think that's mostly there to stop the spool from making noise as it jiggles against the machine.
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My White serger doesn't have them, and yeah the spools can be a bit noisy but I don't think it matters. Congrats on a good score! one of my favourite sewing bloggers just got one too (Male Pattern Boldness) and in that blog post he links to a Bernette instructional video, don't know if it applies to your model specifically.
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Most sergers use felt circles with holes in the middle for that purpose. Assuming you want to replace the pads, cutting circles out of craft store felt will work.
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Thank you all!
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