What's happening in this Gmail "Tea House" theme easter egg?
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What's happening in this Gmail "Tea House" theme easter egg?

One of the themes you can apply to Gmail is called "Tea House," and it features a little fox in the main background image who does different things at different times of the day (sweeping the house, gardening, having tea with a monkey, etc). Like some of the other themes, it has an easter egg: a special background image that appears only at 3:14am.

I can't figure out what's happening in this little scene, and it's driving me crazy! Why is the other fox upset? Why does he have a bell? Are those other three figures ghosts, or what? Is this a reference to something I'm not familiar with? I did some searching but while several other people have the same question, nobody seems to have the answer.
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They're Jiang Shi (hopping vampires)!
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Does it have anything to do with the fact that 3:14 is pi rounded to two decimal places?
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To clarify, the fox on the right is dressed as a Taoist priest. The guys in the middle are Jiang Shi, animated corpses/vampires controlled by the yellow paper on their foreheads. The fox is hiding from the scary corpses, and probably holding his breath.

For more, see Mr. Vampire, or similar.
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Isn't the Tea House theme supposed to be Japanese, and the Jiang Shi Chinese? So maybe these are Kyonshi?
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I didn't realise that the house had an invisible wall. Revised version: Fox is asleep in his house. Taoist Priest Fox is transporting the ambulatory corpses past the house (it's cheaper than a wagon!), ringing his little bell to let people know to get out of the way. Something's gone wrong with the ritual, as it always does in this kind of movie, (hence the beads of sweat on Taoist Priest Fox), and the scary corpses are now approaching the house. Spooky!
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So if there's no yellow paper, the taoist priest fox loses control of the corpses? It looks like the yellow paper on corpse two is about to fall off.
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I think the paper is raised on Corpse #2 because he's in mid-hop- look where his shadow is.
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Amazing. Thanks, zamboni!
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I have to say, I've used this theme for years and had no idea! I guess I'm not up late like I used to be. My mind is blown.
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wow! I've used it for years and am usually up around that time and I've never seen it! I will have to look for it!
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