Fifty years of music. 1969 - 1994 - 2019
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Who are some artists who have released singles or albums in 1969, 1994, and 2019, including solo and with bands? Neil Young is one, and I thought that both Paul Simon and Iggy Pop could be two more, but they are not. Interested in rock and non-rock musicians.
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Willie Nelson
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Do greatest hits and previously unreleased recordings count? Bob Dylan released "Nashville Skyline" in 1969, "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 3" in 1994, and "The Rolling Thunder Revue: The 1975 Live Recordings" and "The Bootleg Series Vol. 15: Travelin' Thru, 1967-1969" this year. All charted, if that matters.
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Elton John
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Elton John
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Status Quo, apparently, who have released 33(!) studio albums in that period.
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Doesn't exactly answer your question (sorry), but you could potentially use one or more of the entries on this list of online music databases to pull the data you want.
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Dolly Parton
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Do live albums count? If so, then Yes.
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Jeff Lynne had albums in 1969, 1994 and 2019, each with a different band.
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Dione Warwick
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If posthumous albums count, definitely Frank Zappa.
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SaltySalticid, what is Jeff Lynne's '94 stuff? Beatles?
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If live albums/"new" compilations count, Paul McCartney. (albums in 1969 and 1994 with the Beatles, an album and a single in 2019 solo)
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Mavis Staples.
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The Rolling Stones put out studio records in 1969 and 1994, and two "official bootlegs" in 2019 (but they were concert recordings for 20+ years ago).
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Yeah Jeff Lynne worked with the surviving Beatles for Anthology series and had an ELO ‘best of’ in 1994. ELO part II had an original album in 1994 but I don’t think Jeff was on it.
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Cher is a near miss. She's released singles almost every year since 1965, but coincidentally not in 1994 or 2019.
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Robbie Robertson
Peter Gabriel
Pete Townshend is close, but Psychoderelict came out in '93, not '94
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More previously unreleased rather than new stuff, but Miles Davis had In a Silent Way in 1969, Live at Newport 1958 & 1963 with Thelonius Monk in 1994, and Rubberband this year (recorded 1985).
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Alice Cooper - Pretties for You (1969); The Last Temptation (1994); Breadcrumbs (2019)
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Robbie Robertson: The Band with the Band (1969), Music for the Native Americans soloish (1994), The Irishman film score (2019).
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Randy Newman released albums in 1968, 1970, 1994 and 2019
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Ringo Starr - Yellow Submarine and Abbey Road in 1969, he played drums on Tom Petty's Wildflower (1994), and What's My Name (2019).
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Leonard Cohen released Songs from a Room in 1969, a live album in 1994 (Cohen Live: Leonard Cohen in Concert), and a posthumous album (Thanks for the Dance) this year.
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Richard Thompson: What We Did on Our Holidays (1969, with Fairport Convention), Mirror Blue (1994), The Cold Blue OST (2019).

Ralph McTell: Spiral Staircase (1969), Slide Away the Screen & Other Stories (1994), Hill of Beans (2019). Which also gives us...

Danny Thompson: Basket of Light (1969, with Pentangle), Amplified Heart (1994, with Everything But The Girl), Hill of Beans (2019, with Ralph McTell).

Mary Hopkin: Postcard (1969), Blade Runner OST (1994, with Vangelis - huh, I never knew that), Hill of Beans (2019, with Ralph McTell).

If live albums from bands that are still touring count... Terry Adams, all with NRBQ: NRBQ (1969), Message for the Mess Age (1994), Turn On, Tune In (2019, recorded 2015/2017). Ian Paice, all with Deep Purple: Deep Purple (1969), Come Hell or High Water (1994), Live in Newcastle (2019, recorded 2001).
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Dolly Parton is a near-miss for getting albums in all three years; she didn't have an album in 2019 but did have one in November 2018, the Dumplin' soundtrack. She's been featured on a few singles in 2019, but I don't know if those count. However, she does have a full credit for Faith with Swedish EDM artist Galantis.

1969 - Albums: In the Good Old Days and My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
1994 - Album: Heartsongs: Live from Home
2019 - Single: Faith
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Loretta Lynn is another near-miss for an album trifecta; like Dolly, she released had albums in 1969 (Your Sq**w is on the Warpath (yikes!), If We Put Our Heads Together, and Woman of the World/To Make a Man), 1994 (Making More Memories) and late 2018 (Wouldn't It Be Great). However, if we're including guest appearances, she recorded the track "Put It Off Until Tomorrow" with her sisters Crystal Gayle and Peggy Sue on Crystal Gayle's 2019 album, You Don't Know Me: Classic Country.
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The Art Ensemble of Chicago released an album this summer in celebration of their 50th year. They don't have a release from 1994 but Famoudou Don Moye, one of the two surviving original members, does.

It's hard to find a year since 1950 where Dick Hyman wasn't credited with something, including albums from the years in question.

Anthony Braxton is also extremely prolific, including a monster release this year, although it was recorded two years earlier.
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Paul McCartney with the Beatles put out the albums Yellow Submarine and Abbey Road in 1969, the single Junior’s Farm in 1974 with Wings, and the singles Home Tonight and In a Hurry in 2019.
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Welcome to the crazy interbred free jazz scene

Peter Brötzmann and Alexander von Schlippenbach pass the test easily with albums credited to their name in each year.

Joe McPhee, Evan Parker, Han Bennink either
- released albums in those years
- were in a group that released an album
- were part of the band credited to another individual who released an album.

The Peter Brötzmann Sextet/Quartet (Han Bennink is a member) ‎– Nipples
Alexander von Schlippenbach ‎– The Living Music (also features Peter Brötzmann)
Joe McPhee Quartet ‎– Underground Railroad
Manfred Schoof ‎– European Echoes (features Han Bennink, Evan Parker & Peter Brötzmann)

Peter Brötzmann, Fred Hopkins & Rashied Ali ‎– Songlines
Peter Brötzmann, Yukihiro Isso, Tamio Kawabata & Ryojiro Furusawa ‎– Vier Tiere
Peter Brötzmann, Gregg Bendian & William Parker ‎– Sacred Scrape
Alexander von Schlippenbach & Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra ‎– The Morlocks And Other Pieces (also features Evan Parker)
Evan Parker ‎– 50th Birthday Concert (also features Alexander von Schlippenbach)
Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill & Steve Lacy – Three Blokes
Han Bennink, Ray Anderson & Christy Doran ‎– Azurety
Clusone 3 (Han Bennink is a member) ‎– I Am An Indian
Clusone 3 ‎(Han Bennink is a member) – Soft Lights And Sweet Music
Lisle Ellis ‎– Elevations (features Joe McPhee)

Peter Brotzmann - I Surrender Dear
Peter Brötzmann, Alexander von Schlippenbach & Han Bennink ‎– Fifty Years After...
Evan Parker & Joe Morris ‎– The Village
Evan Parker, Lotte Anker & Torben Snekkestad ‎– Inferences
Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Lol Coxhill & Chris Corsano ‎– Tree Dancing
Joe McPhee, Susan Alcorn & Ken Vandermark - Invitation to a Dream
Joe McPhee & Paal Nilssen-Love ‎– Lift Every Voice And Sing
Joe McPhee & Paal Nilssen-Love ‎– Song For The Big Chief
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Wait, if we are counting live/concert albums, then Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will hit the album trifecta with: Tommy, Who's Last, and the upcoming (this Friday, in fact(!)) Who.
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Are you sure Iggy Pop doesn’t qualify? Per Wikipedia, The Stooges came out in 1969. In 1994, we saw the release of the single for “Beside You,” from 1993’s American Caesar album. If you’re looking for something new in 1994, how about “C’mon Everybody,” an Eddie Cochran cover that leads the Fast Track to Nowhere compilation? (Not a single, unfortunately.) And then his album Free released in 2019. Depending on how you rules-lawyer this, I think he could get in.
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Robert Plant.
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Dutch rockers Golden Earring are considered one-hit wonders in the US, but they've been active for more than 50 years and have a new single out this year.

Stevie Wonder barely makes it if you count a duet with Sinatra in 1994 and a couple of harmonica credits this year.

Before Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor were in a band called Smile that produced one single in 1969. In 1994 May appeared on Mick Ronson's last album (albeit a live track recorded in 1992) and another by Brazilian rockers Os Paralamas Do Sucesso, while Taylor put out an album if his own. Both had singles this year.
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