Buffet Recommendations in Las Vegas
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Are there any Vegas buffets that will have no wait? This is for a weekday (breakfast, lunch or dinner). We want whatever the best options are that won’t have a wait. Thanks!
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Show up at Bachanal or really anywhere on a weekday non-holiday at 4pm and you generally won’t have to wait. Weekdays are just a lot more chill, I would never try to go on a Saturday night at 7, I don’t know what’s going on in people’s heads who wait in line for an hour for the buffets.
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I ate at the Bellagio buffet this summer and it was very good. The only wait was the line queue. They literally had almost any food you could think of buffet style. I think it was $50 for buffet with out alcohol. You can eat as much as you want so long as you dont leave.
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The Wynn is superb and there was no line when I was there at a midweek lunchtime.
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actually on a roadtrip to Vegas right now. we’re going to both the Bacchanal and the Wynn buffet. both are really good and quiet on weekday lunchtimes
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There is potential paradox in your question. If a buffet is good and good value, it would be more likely to have a line. If not, not, but why would you want to eat there? The guidance the others give are about day-of-week and time-of-day demand, which would be true of almost any place, buffet or otherwise.
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tmdonahue: There's a paradox about Vegas in general, though. People will cheerfully donk off $200 at a slot machine without a second thought, then complain that one buffet is $5 more than the other.
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