Don, we've got an Oreo Cookie Problem
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Are we the only ones having MAJOR quality issues with Oreos lately? What's happening? Why?!

In the past year or so we've had common issues with:

Poorly Filled: Off center/half filled
Breakage: Both crumbling cookies and cookies not adhered to the filling and falling apart
Weird filling: My mint ones are more fluffy, darker green, and have nearly NO mint flavor, compared to the box I got just last week. (different batch numbers of course)

This has happened across regular, double stuffed, and mint for sure. One weird batch makes sense, but this is just bizarre.

Has anyone else been having this issue? Is there something going on at specific manufacturers?

I can't seem to find any other complaints since all the news/forums lately seem to be just about the mystery flavor. There are very few delicious treats I can have so this is making me extra sad.
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Any chance they’re counterfeit?
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Yes! I’ve purchased two consecutive packages of Double Stuffed that turned out to be only singles. I reported the first batch via Twitter; with the second batch, I just shrugged (and it did look like some in that batch were doubles, but definitely not all were).
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Write to the company; you'll probably get coupons for free (imperfect) cookies.
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I asked the main Oreo eater in our family (my son) if he's noticed quality problems recently and he said yes; he's gotten family size packages that weren't completely full and he's gotten packages with a lot of cookies that were broken in half.
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I've stopped buying them entirely because I had bought so many that simply wouldn't get soft in milk! Looking online others were having the same problem, I guess a newer manufacturer or something just cheaps out on ingredients or something... I seriously left an Oreo floating in milk, let the dog out, and then by the time I came back in this thing still wasn't doing what it was supposed to. Later I tried the same thing with a different pack, this time I used a fork to weigh the Oreo down so it would stay for several minutes in the milk and I pulled it out and the filling had softened or started to dissolve but the goddamn cookie part was still crunchy as it started.

Like, kudos if they're trying to make a new Oreo impervious to milk but for fuck's sake, the reason I buy a shitty cookie with the memory of chocolate and a sweetened crisco filling is because of it's interaction with milk.
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I buy Oreos pretty regularly; I wouldn't say I've noticed quite the dip in quality you have, though I have noticed that there's some variability in how they respond to milk. Especially the varieties with non-chocolate cookies, a lot of those never absorb much milk. I usually buy Peanut Butter Oreos, though I'll grab other flavors if the mood strikes.
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Here's an aggregation of complaints, including missing cookies.
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[Couple comments deleted; sorry, the OP is looking for actual information specifically about Oreos.]
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I bought a package of Double Stuff last month for a friend and they were single. Didn't think to take a photo, didn't know it was a thing with them.
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Yes, I have found Oreos as well as chips ahoy to be so changed and now disgusting that I will not buy them any longer. This is after the brand was sold/changed from Nabisco to Mondelēz International.
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There's no chance they're counterfeit Oreos. But at least we aren't the only ones having this issue! Wow. Such a sad day, then. The Target store brand seems decent, but I'll still be on the lookout for a mint replacement.
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