Large, plain, androgynous leather purse ideas?
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I'd like a large, plain, androgynous leather purse. Can you suggest one?

Practicality and looks are of equal concern. I would be happy with the purse equivalent of well-kept Blundstone boots: androgynous, rugged, simple.

I'd like it to look high-quality and last for a few years.
Budget is $200-400.
I'm open to second-hand, so a higher price is OK if the bag common enough to find on eBay.
Large enough to hold a laptop and a pair of shoes... but should not look like "a laptop bag".
Thick durable leather that's scuff resistant.
Not stiff like a doctor-bag. I want a flexible structure so I can jam things in.
Crossbody strap, and I prefer a wider strap bc my bag gets heavy!
Every single part of it must zip shut. Many purses have gaps at the ends of the zippers (why) and things can fall out... not for me!
I do like decorative elements if they skew simple / heavy / masculine / square / industrial (as opposed to ornate / delicate / ladylike / fiddly).

I do like the hardware on those old Marc Jacobs bird bags even though they seem annoying to actually use.

I love the Coach Legacy Duffel - simple, masculine, great quality leather, subtle branding, and bright but simple industrial zippers- but it's a bit too small for a laptop... anyone know of anything similar but a little larger?

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Maybe Rais Case? I have one of their (very plain leather) purses and have been very happy with it. I know what you’re talking about with the zipper gaps and they definitely don’t have those.

koko Ellis tote
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Matt n Nat tote
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Check out J. W. Hulme .
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You might find more what you want in a satchel or messenger bag etc. — aren’t those large unisex purses?
Something like this seems about right to me.
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My style is pretty androgynous and I really like the bags at Status Anxiety.
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Try Duluth Trading Company.
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Check out the new Everlane boss bag.
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L.L. Bean has one that comes in black leather that I can fit case files in or use as an overnight or carry on a plane. I acquired it several years ago for slightly less than the low end of your range. They carry only a few leather options, and it fully zips with plenty of practical interior options. Straps, zipper everything is holding up well 5 years later, and their guarantee is legendary. It would be a tote-style bag, and is called something like a stagecoach or coachmen’s bag. No fancy care need, and it has a few sizes.
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I just saw this one from Novicaand thought of this Ask. They likely have more.
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