Short Sci-fi story from the 80s?
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Appeared in one of the monthly scif-fi magazines in the '80s. Was about a dwarf with a knack or implant for cracking codes. He was hired to pull off a heist and there was a guy on the heist who became his friend. But the heist went wrong and things went bad. The code cracker wound up taking care of his friend. Anyone know the name of the story and author? I think it had 'Crystal' in the title.
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Was this it? Totally random, but I swear I was thinking of this very story today so when I saw your question I had to find out what it was. Thankfully Metafilter came through (at least for me...)
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If, as it sounds, it's OSC's Dogwalker, it originally appeared in the November '89 issue of IASFM.
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That's it, thanks y'all!

But ugh, OSC.
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