Replacement Silpat
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I need a replacement for my silpat. On, I see silpat, Amazon Basics and PrettyCare. Is there a quality difference or can I just go cheaper? I use these a lot.

Bonus question: is it worth getting a Silpain for the times I bake a freeform loaf?
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I can't speak to Silpat specifically, but my experience with the Amazon Basics is that they are typically built to be as good as whatever thing they're built to replace. The only exception so far has been the power cables.
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That has been the opposite of my experience with AmazonBasics, but in this case the SilPat replacement is of extremely high quality. I think we bought one real SilPat back in the day and have been using knockoffs ever since. Some aren't that great but the Amazon ones are very good and a fraction of the price.
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I've had my Amazon Basics for a couple years now and it's been fine, as had my Velsco. My only complaint is they don't roll tightly.
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I've been using the Amazon Basics silicone mat for a few years now and their great. No noticeable difference between them and my Silpats.
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I've personally switched over to a roll of Parchment Paper for anything that goes into the oven, including bread and pizza. The freedom of just being able to toss it in the compost when I'm done, having as many mobile surfaces for sticky dough division as I need, and not having to clean and store another item all make it a no-brainer for my casual cooking.

Cook's Illustrated points out that the insulating properties of a silicon mat like the Silpat might be important if you're doing delicate cookies or want to slow browning. Most of the time a Golden Brown and Delicious (GBD) bottom is a feature I'm aiming for, but I also keep a fitted wire rack that can go into an oven sheet pan (like this one) with parchment on top for a full air insulation if I'm cooking something that might burn on the bottom.

Bonus: You can make parchment circle binders for beautiful round bread boules.
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You might double check to be sure that your brand of parchment paper hasn't been coated in silicone before sticking it in the compost. (The brand I use is coated, and would not biodegrade.)
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I've heard of parchment paper, but this question was about Silpat-and-equivalent.
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I’ve been using two Amazon Basics silpats for about three years and have had no issues whatsoever. I’d buy one again.
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I will agree that the Amazon Basics mats are great. I bought a bunch on a whim (and sale) because I didn't want to pay for another Silpat. I can't tell any difference in effectiveness, ease-of-cleaning, etc., so will continue to buy them in the future if I need more.
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