Employment lawyer in Maryland?
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Help me find an employment lawyer in Maryland. I was an employer this year (hired a nanny), and I have a question about my legal obligations as an employer, and the possible ramifications thereof. I have never been an employer or consulted a lawyer before, so I'm not sure how this works, and it's a bit intimidating. Can I just get an hour (or probably way less) of someone's time? How can I find someone who'll give me a straight answer and not try to sell me unneeded services?
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You can call your State Bureau of Employment. Call from work if you're paranoid. They should be able to give you accurate answers for free (paid for with tax dollars).
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Depending on your questions, you can also start with your accountant -- like, if you're wondering your obligations re: the legit way to pay someone, report that you've paid them, make the legal contributions to their social security etc. (the kind of thing that most people who pay under the table don't do).
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An overview about how to find a lawyer is available at the MeFi Wiki Get a Lawyer page, and it includes a discussion about how yes, you can hire a lawyer for a consultation to help get oriented to your rights and responsibilities as an employer. Unlike government agencies, attorneys can provide you with confidentiality, as well as legal advice tailored to your specific situation that you can rely on, because it is backed up both by the attorney's license to practice law and their malpractice insurance. In addition, if issues arise in the future, you have an established relationship with an attorney that you can quickly contact for assistance. It is possible that an attorney may suggest that you put an employment contract in writing to protect your interests, but they can explain why that may be a helpful service and will likely have templates that can help keep costs reasonable.
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What's your specific question? I'm not a lawyer, but I employed a nanny the last few years, run my own small nonprofit with employees, and work on state employment policy. All in Maryland.
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If, after the (excellent!) advice above, you still want a lawyer, I had a surprisingly good experience with the employment lawyer at Lippman, Semsker & Salb in Bethesda, MD. It was about 4 years ago though.
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Thanks, everyone! Postel's law, I'll send you a MeMail. Dotty, I'll look into the firm you mention.
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