Why does Boris Johnson seem posher on the radio than on TV?
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Obviously he’s posh on telly as well, but something about hearing the voice on its own makes his accent seem even more posh than when I can see him talking. So what’s that about? Linguists must have studied this sort of phenomenon, right?
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His hair and face and clothing?
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He looks like a cut-rate Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber, so when you're not seeing him and only hearing him, you are not experiencing the cognitive dissonance of seeing a person who looks like a doofus speak like a posh person.
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On parasocial identification and spotting lies, audibly: It's Easier to Spot a Lie on the Radio Than on TV. Your mental picture from hearing him is a mismatch with his weaponized visual dishevelment.
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When hearing the same audio, like from a public speech, or when being interviewed for the medium?
If the latter, it's possible Radio 4 interviewers are posher than the average TV news ones, and he's subconsciously adjusting to match.
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Because he looks like a balloon with hay for hair.
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Thanks everyone!
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