Rowing upstream from Gold Beach to Agness on the Rogue River (Oregon, US
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Is it possible, or realistically feasible, to row a drift boat or similar up the Rogue River from Gold Beach to Agness, OR?

I know jet boats are common on this section of the river but I don't know how strong the current is down-stream from Agness - it looks like the river widens and slows. It is around 30 miles on the river and a 200 ft in elevation gain but I don't know enough about boats, rowing or rivers to put that in context.
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Very difficult unless you are an olympic caliber rower. Even then there are shallow riffles where you might have to get out and drag the boat, both because of the current and because the water isn't deep enough to get a good bite with your oars. You might be better off in a kayak or canoe because you can hug the shoreline out of the main current and hop the eddies. Even then it would take you maybe 15 to 20 hours against the current.
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