Things to do in Yakima area
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Hi, are there any new things to do or places to go in Yakima that aren't covered by this question (2012) or this question (2014)? I'm only going to be there for a couple of days but I'm looking for a relaxing weekend.

Artsy/hip things are good, comfy cafes, bookstores. I already know about Los Hernandez Tamales. Recent hip replacement means I can't do any rough walking or hikes over about half a mile, but nice parks or easy walks are good, how are the local botanical gardens/arboretums for that?
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Best answer: I don't know how far out of the way you want to go but the Mary Hill Museum in Goldendale WA is truly exceptional and there's a scale model Stonehenge there which has some good weird-factor.
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Response by poster: Ah, yes, I should have specified that due to the aforementioned hip surgery, I don't want to drive more than 45 minutes from Yakima proper unless it is something I can do on my way back from Seattle. Maryhill Museum is definitely on my list but I would probably build it in to an Oregon or Columbia River roadtrip some other time.
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Best answer: Fresh produce from Johnson Orchards or Precision Fruit.

Craft beer at Single Hill Brewing and excellent tacos from the 5 Salsas truck located on-site.

Bale Breaker Brewing serves fantastic beer from its taproom adjacent to fields of the same hops that are used in the beer.

No disrespect to Los Hernandez Tameles, but my favorite Mexican food in Yakima comes from Mercedes & Family.

As a last resort, you can always take up my family's former pastime of parking at the airport to watch the planes take off and land.
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The trolley museum is supposed to be surprisingly good, and have the only working interurban early 20th century system in the country.

These streetcars were everywhere in the early 20th century, providing cheap mass transportation for millions of Americans, until General Motors quite deliberately adopted business practices designed to destroy them. Although they tried, the government could not actually prove a criminal conspiracy, as defined at the time, but the proof is there in GM's quite legal business strategies.
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Just down the road in Toppenish is a major collection (~75) of murals. It is hard to link on my phone but there are plenty of guides and descriptions available online.

Personally if I was spending a few days in Yakima I would turn it primarily into an eating tour, however. The county has been majority-minority for at least a decade and that is reflected in the fabulous food available.
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If you are interested in the geology of the area, this thread might be of interest, or just Google Nick Zentner.
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Response by poster: FYI for those reading this thread. I went by Mercedes & Family and it is closed down and the storefront is empty. :(
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Don't know if you are still in Yakistan, but every time I go to Costco in Union Gap, I at least think about getting something at nearby Mexican eatery Nino's. So good.
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