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Tourist/food/interesting things in the Yakima, Washington area.

I will be in Yakima for about a week on business, and would be interested in things to do when not working. I'll have a weekend free, so longer travel might be possible. Not into outdoorsy things (reading up on it, my loss), but wouldn't mind some moderate hiking/walking.
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Best answer: If you're into beer (and if you want to stock your hotel fridge) stop by The Beer Shoppe. They have a large selection of bottles, mostly from regional brewers, and some beers on tap. I stopped in during a brief visit this summer and had a nice chat with the owner.
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Best answer: Do you like apples? Apple products? Hops/Beer? Wine?

Yakima (and the surrounding areas) produces lots of those things. As your hotel for suggestions on specifics. You can find local cheeses too!

It's also close to Mt. Ranier and you can view the mountain without getting too outdoorsy.

Nearby Ellensburg has the university (central Washington), which is where Washoe and other chimps were trained and studied.

If you really love fairs, a three hour drive will get you to Puyallup (practice pronouncing that first) for a world renowned fair, which runs about this time every year. (when I was in early high school the public schools coordinated a "fair day" because otherwise everyone would just ditch class. That might be common everywhere though.)

If you're into history, Lewis and Clark went through the area, there was a catholic mission, and an army post in the 1800s. I think they have a railroad museum, if not in Yakima, then nearby.

If you like tasty Michoacan style Mexican food, that can be found in the area as well, or could when I was on the debate team visiting for tournaments in the mid-90s.
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Best answer: The Yakima Valley is part of the Yakima Valley AVA, part of the larger Columbia Valley AVA, making some of the best wine in the United States outside California. I am particularly fond of Red Mountain wine, and there is no lack of wineries around the generalized area for you to visit.
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Best answer: Yakima Valley wineries map.
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Came to suggest Chimpanzee Human Communication Center at Central Washington University - you can go to a chimposium and learn about chimpanzee communication and then observe some of the signing chimpanzees :-)
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You could pick your own apples (there might still be blueberries, too).
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