I want to travel near Seattle but not to Canada or Portland. Where else can I go?
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Last minute spring break starting from Seattle for under $500?

Here's the deal:

We have $500, the evening of March 26 through morning of March 29th free. We live in Seattle and would like to get out of the city. We can drive, but not a lot - preferably not more than 4 hours. Portland and leaving the US are not options. We could possibly take a plane or train somewhere, but that would cut into our budget heavily. Boy, we're difficult! But we're open to suggestions. What have you enjoyed in the area? Any personal recommendations? Thanks!
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You might take a look at Airtran.com. They're having some blowout deals on airfares right now.

I just bought a ticket from ATL to SEA for $219.
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A couple of years ago, my wife and I spent our anniversary down in Washington's wine country. It's not too far, the hotels are dirt cheap, and well, if you like wine, it's hard to beat. It's pretty awesome to go to a tasting and then spend all of three minutes driving to the next winery over. They're lousy with them over there.

Here's a quick and dirty link found via the Goog. Wineries in the Yakima valley.
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Are you looking for town/B&B type getaways, or camping, or something else? Port Angeles and the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula are really cool, if you're into camping there's great places to camp out there.
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We recently (just moved this fall) lived in Port Angeles for six years and we still have a house there (going back to Pacific NW after finishing degrees)--we're avid hikers/beach-ers/explorers and only took a major vacation once while we lived in Port Angeles because the Olympic Peninsula is so crazy awesome and beautiful (and even then, we went to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Is.--similar environs). Mefi mail me if you have questions about particulars/businesses/ideas. And that offer if open to anyone.
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You could take a ferry to the San Juan Islands. I've never been there, but I've been to the Gulf Islands in BC which are right next door and they're beautiful.
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olympic penninsula!

a getaway to friday harbor?

something like that.
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Perhaps it is too long a trip or too far away or too pricey, but I've heard good things from one of my co-workers about Amtrak's service to Glacier NP. As she put it, you go to sleep in Seattle or Portland and wake up at the park entrance. One way tix looks like $88 plus you would need accommodations as well -- so maybe more spendy than you want.
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Best answer: If de-stressing is your priority, you might consider Alderbrook Resort & Spa. It's 90 minutes from town: jump on the Bremerton Ferry, drive 40 minutes or so along a very scenic highway along the Hood Canal, check-in, zone out. For recreation, you can rent kayaks from Hood Canal Adventures. Get a massage, take a swim, walk along the sound. Very relaxing.

As for San Juan Island getaways, you can't beat Orcas Island. Lots of great inns, resorts, camping spots. Great hiking in Moran State Park (Twin Lakes to Mt. Constitution...or the Cascade Loop Trail) with fantastic views of the sound. Kayaking. Whale watching. Eagle spotting. Art galleries. Great, great getaway spot.

This is definitely the season to visit La Conner. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival kicks off April 1, so you'll be surrounded by technicolor fields as you pass through the valley. La Conner is a quaint historical town with art galleries, cafes, great restaurants. You can stay in town at one of several decent inns--La Conner Country Inn gets high marks.

If you want to play in the snow, head up to Methow Valley. Bit of a drive (over 90 or 2, scenic drive north along the Columbia River, up a winding road to the valley), but it's beautiful in the winter with great x-country skiing, snowshoeing, or just hanging out inside playing board games. Lots of cabin rentals along the river, as well as a few quality inns. For something completely different, check out the modern/minimalistic Rolling Huts. Nearby Winthrop is a very cool town, with decent restaurants (Duck Brand rocks) Duck Brand has super-tasty southwestern fare), cafes, bookstores, etc.

Happy adventuring....
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