Ahhh, Yakima in the winter
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We'll be in Yakima WA for Friday through Sunday this very week. With lots of free time.

We'll be in Yakima WA for Friday through Sunday this very week. With lots of free time. We don't even have a place to stay, yet.

I've never been there before, what is there to do in the winter in and around Yakima? Due to recent knee surgery flat hikes are OK, (snow shoeing as well).

We don't drink so the wineries don't interest us much. We'll have a car, any suggestions for the surrounding area?

Hiking, touristy things, sight-seeing, learning the what the area is like, these are all possibilities.
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The Little Red Schoolhouse in Naches can recommend good snowshoeing (and used to run a yurt that you could snowshoe into, warm up at, and snowshoe back out of, although I don't know if they still do that).

There is a relatively new movie theater, Orion, that is working on the Cinebarre model (pub food and beer with your movie).

And… there's… well… that's about it. It's Yakima.

As far as places to stay, I can recommend the Rosedell B&B. It is in one of the original residential neighborhoods about 5 min from downtown. Well, as original as any neighborhood is going to be in a town that rolled itself to a new location when bypassed by Union Pacific.
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Oh yeah, and for food:

Essencia is a good bakery/coffee place right downtown.
Antojito's is great and easily accessible mexican food.
Mel's is a classic greasy spoon.
Major's is Yakima's answer to (Seattle's) Dick's.
And Ozeki is better sushi than you would ever expect to find in central Washington.
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I would check out the American Hops Museum.
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Go to Toppenish and look at the murals!
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