Short day-trips from Oakland
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My partner and I (couple in our early 40s, no kids) are in Oakland and we're looking to do a day-trip tomorrow (Saturday). We have a car but we'd prefer something pretty close (say, 60-90 min drive max) and that will give us a chance to enjoy the outdoors but probably is not a straight-up hike. Thanks!
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Maybe a picnic in the Marin headlands?
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Japanese Botanical gardens in Hayward?
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the john Muir or jack London sites
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The UC Botanical gardens are pretty close, but really really nice- and you could drive skyline to make it a longer event.
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If you don't mind the drive, check out Big Basin Redwood park, they have small walk abouts that aren't huge hikes. Or, in San Jose, the Rosacurian museum and the small labyrinth they have is lovely plus there's some really nice restaurants nearby. Not the Oakland area, but not very far.
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Redwood Regional Park is very close and if you stick to the valley floor it’s paved, flat, and beautiful.
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Everything from Cliff House to Land's end in San Francisco.
Lake Chabot Regional Park
Coyote Hills Regional Park
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Point Reyes.
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Head up to the wine country in Napa or Sonoma.
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You could do worse than walking in the Mountain View Cemetery (Olmstead-designed) and around the Chapel of the Chimes (Julia Morgan-designed), right here in Oakland.

Leaving Oakland, Stinson Beach is wonderful. The Steep Ravine trail is the excellent if you can make that happen.

Tiburon and Sausalito are both nice for walking around town. A visit to the Heath Factory is great when heading to Sausalito. Tennessee Valley is a nice short walk to the beach too. Marin County in general is sort of ur-Bay Area, there are so many options.

The traffic can be a little crappy on nice weekends, so you may not want to venture as far as Sonoma.
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Seconding Big Basin. The road there is fun although a little tiresome, and yet it's all worthwhile once you get to the really big trees. If you're at all considering checking out the giant redwoods don't bother with the much-too-crowded Muir Woods, instead pack a picnic lunch (or buy something to go in Saratoga) and get to Big Basin.
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Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is a little less windy to get to than Big Basin, but it has a lovely shady 1-ish mile loop with some beautiful big redwood trees. Also better and less crowded than Muir Woods. Next door (i.e. you can walk from the park parking lot) is the Roaring Camp Railroad that has a 75-minute train ride through the woods at 11, 12:30, and 2pm.
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Mount Diablo? Walking available but not required. Bare of trees, though, if it does turn out to be hot.
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I'd also recommend Mount Diablo, gorgeous views all round.
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Previously. Some answers will be relevant, I hope.
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Welp. We decided to head out to Muir Woods, only to learn, after a long and winding drive to the entrance, that you have to make a parking reservation in advance in order to visit. There is no signage anywhere along the way warning you of this; you will only find this out once you arrive and are told you may not park. The only option at that point is to drive a long ways (again, on very winding roads) to a place where you can take a shuttle back into the woods. We opted not to do so.

Instead, we went into Sausalito and walked along the main drag there beside the waterfront. We very fortunately discovered Daniel Merriam's Bubble Tree Gallery and bought several prints. We also had lunch at Scoma's—tasty but pricey (probably not worth the cost).
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