Do you know of a similar sewing pattern to this dress?
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I love the style of this dress from Modcloth (the official title is the Saunter Sweetly A-Line Dress, haha), and I think it would be a great sewing project. I especially like the wide waistband and wrap-style top with a neckline that isn't too deep. I don't care about the pleats in the skirt as long as it's of a similar fullness.

Plus-size is preferred--I'm about a 16-18 in US straight sizes, so most commercial sewing patterns will just about fit in the largest size, but having a little more leeway would be nice.
Downloadable or printed is fine either way.
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Maybe the Colette Myrna?
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Vogue 9146 might be a lower V than you want. The waistband in Vogue 8895 is actually a tie, but it's otherwise similar, if straighter through the skirt. Vogue 9293 also has a tie instead of a waist inset, but is a fuller skirt.

This Burda has the waist inset and a full skirt, but it's a deep (non-wrap) V neck.

The Willow wrap is also a faux wrap bodice with a fuller skirt, but is missing the waist inset.

Charm Patterns by Gertie has a wrap top and full skirt that possibly you could join with a waist inset.
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Best answer: Deer & Doe Magnolia! The short version skirt plus the long version bodice will give you this dress almost exactly.

It goes to plus sizes but those are only available in PDF, not printed patterns (but a pdf is nice since you can reprint it any time).
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How comfortable are you with pattern altering? McCalls 6503 is pretty close (and it's a pretty popular pattern). It's on, so it's downloadable even though it's out of print. I've made this dress a *lot*. I've altered the wrap top part to be collarless. I've made it with a wide waistband a skinny one. I don't even bother with the skirt pattern pieces- I just decide how full I want it to be, cut a couple of rectangles and gather/pleat as needed to fit the bodice. And of course, I've added pockets to every version.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! There are so many good choices, I can't decide which I like most.
I'm leaning toward Vogue 9146 or McCall's 6503 with a wider waistband, but I also really like Vogue 9293 as its own thing...
But Magnolia is also good! And plus sizes, yay.
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Response by poster: Actually, after looking at these versions of Magnolia I think I'm going to try it.
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