How do I promote my weird photoshop business?
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I have made a couple books of kids I know having photoshopped adventures, like this -- Henry and the fairies, Wade and the dinosaurs, Adelina presenting a poster -- you guys helped with them actually! -- and now I'm thinking I'd like to do this for strangers in exchange for money. It seems like something some parents might want. How do I find those parents? My own kids are all grown up so I'm not part of any mom groups. Thanks for any ideas!
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Etsy? Post a few samples and make it clear you do custom / personalized portraits.
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I want this! I sent you a message.
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Response by poster: Well, I have an Etsy shop, but Etsy search results are rigged -- I cannot bring up my Etsy shop even when I search for the exact words in my postings -- unless you pay Etsy $$$. I thought maybe a table at a kids' expo-type event? Maybe a flyer at a kids' bookstore? I don't know?
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Response by poster: Oh and thanks, Arnicae!!!
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Sent you an email. I've been having much the same idea re: starting a photoshop custum book business. If you've figure out how to make it profitable (that's the real sticking point for me), then I think I have solid marketing ideas.
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Send examples to mommy-bloggers. Offer discount codes for their readers.

Start an Instagram account where you showcase things you have in your Etsy store, along with pictures of, say, you working on new stuff, cute things that inspire you, etc. Use lots of relevant hashtags. Send that Instagram link to the mommy bloggers along with the Etsy link -- and send those to your friends and family who can share them on social media.
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Instagram and deviantart and twitter.
Seconding mummy bloggers.
Investigate getting it printed also i europe, so you can offer rates without shipping.
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I suspect you will have to pay money to market this, but probably not a ton. So maybe try Etsy's pay-to-play system? I really think that's a great forum for this very cool idea.
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As a blogger (a recipe and a parenting blog), my first thought would be to create a simple, clean website (wordpress because you can optimize for seo better?) and an Instagram, Facebook, and pinterest account. Spend some money on Facebook and Instagram ads, maybe on promoted pins (do some reading about how to design pins that do well), use relevant popular but not-too-popular hashtags on Instagram, find bloggers/influencers who want to write about your product in exchange for free product or pay. I'm not sure how effective those strategies actually are to getting converting customers, but I think that's typically how it's done if you want to market to strangers on the internet. Those pictures are awesome! I am sure parents would want them. I want them, but we are just too frugal most of the time to be honest. I'll keep it in mind for gifts though.

Would you consider prints in addition to books? Or high-res downloadables for printing? Maybe you can give the prints as gifts to friends with a discount code for the next order (make it look like it's part of your standard procedure, like a little business card you include with every order, so it's less pressure). Prints might be good because others will see it hanging up and ask where they got them. Maybe take special orders on Facebook for the holiday season, either for books or prints? Just some ideas, I hope some of these spark an idea that ends up working out! I get so excited when people have creative ideas for products and love brainstorming this kind of stuff.
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I think calendars would be really popular as a present for family, even more than books or prints (no need to frame it and always visible).
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