Suggestions / Advice for a trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic?
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I'm heading to Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Sep 24 for a month. Will be staying on Kite Beach. Never been to the DR before. Suggestions? Advice? I'll be cat-sitting so no overnight trips, but pretty adventurous and not a picky eater. (I'll have a private local vegetarian chef for my stay as well so if there are local dishes you suggest I request, let me know.) Thanks!
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Cabarete is a surf town if you're into that. Do you have a driver? You could head to Puerto Plata and ride the teleferico to the top of Monte Isabel to see the gardens and Christ the Redeemer replica. SamanĂ¡ Bay is really beautiful and is a nice day trip with a very scenic route. You could visit Monte Cristi to see the salt flats and El Morro. Probably not of interest to a vegetarian but the area is known for having the best stewed goat. You're also not terribly far from the stunning and tranquil mountain town of Jarabacoa.
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