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How do I stop unwanted Uber notifications? These aren't texts. These messages show up out of the blue at the top of my screen.

My phone is a Samsung S6. The great google doesn't seem to apply to my phone. It says basically to go to my Settings then Apps then turn off notifications. There is no option, despite what the search shows, to turn off just "discount notices, " etc. The only option seems to be to turn off all notifications. My concern if I do that is that I will turn off notices that tell me when a ride is coming, etc. I really just want Uber to stop spamming me.
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If I open the Uber app, I can follow these steps:
- Open the hamburger menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper left)
- Click on Settings
- Scroll down to and click on"Privacy"
- Click on"Notifications"
- Click on"Discounts and News"
- Select "Off"

Does that work for you?
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That's it! A thousand thanks.
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