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August 15, 2019

Suggestions / Advice for a trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

I'm heading to Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Sep 24 for a month. Will be staying on Kite Beach. Never been to the DR before. Suggestions? Advice? I'll be cat-sitting so no overnight trips, but pretty adventurous and not a picky eater. (I'll have a private local vegetarian chef for my stay as well so if there are local dishes you suggest I request, let me know.) Thanks!
posted by dobbs around Cabarete, Dominican Republic at 11:35 AM - 2 answers

December 28, 2017

Samana Bay whale watching

We would like to travel to the Dominican Republic in the last two weeks of February, specifically to see the whale activity in Samana Bay. We have a LOT of questions! [more inside]
posted by raisingsand around Dominican Republic at 2:10 PM - 0 answers

January 23, 2014

Help me get the most out of a trip in the sun!

I'm heading to an all-inclusive resort with my significant other, and this is the first time either of us has ever done it (specifically this resort in the Dominican Republic). Tickets booked, hepatitis vaccine injected, but are there any other tips and tricks to getting the most out of doing this kind of vacation that I should know in advance? How do I get the most of out my trip?
posted by cacofonie around Dominican Republic at 1:08 PM - 12 answers has best

August 13, 2012

Traveling on the cheap when you're a hollow log

What is the cheapest way to send bulky items from the Dominican Republic to the U.S.? Time isn't important. [more inside]
posted by dr. boludo around Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic at 10:06 AM - 3 answers

May 1, 2009

Babe Ailment Won't Stop Us

Planning a bachelor party in the Dominican Republic and I need help with EVERYTHING...yeah, I know, not very helpful. Details after the jump. [more inside]
posted by ASM around Dominican Republic at 1:27 PM - 5 answers

March 11, 2009

Spa or nah?

My girlfriend and I are going to Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) for a week, and she wants to book a day at a spa there. The spa wants payment up-front and via Paypal. Is this a scam? [more inside]
posted by hayvac around Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic at 8:42 PM - 10 answers has best

March 3, 2009

Travel within the Dominican Republic

How much time / hassle does it take to get from Santiago to Sosúa (or Puerto Plata)? [more inside]
posted by ook around Dominican Republic at 8:26 AM - 3 answers has best

February 24, 2009

Solo travel in the Dominican Republic?

I'm heading to the Dominican Republic for a conference in Punta Cana, and spending another five days in the country for vacation. What should I (young woman, solo traveler, semi-adventurous) do with my extra time? [more inside]
posted by lindsey.nicole around Dominican Republic at 9:00 AM - 7 answers

December 18, 2007

What to do in Cabarete, DR

We are going to the Dominican Republic for Christmas. What should we do/see/explore/not miss while we're there? [more inside]
posted by DuckGirl around Cabarete, Dominican Republic at 8:11 AM - 10 answers

May 17, 2007

Travel to Punta Cana

How do I become a culturally courteous traveler in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic? [more inside]
posted by birdlips around Dominican Republic at 10:29 AM - 11 answers has best

January 4, 2007

Advice on hotel/activities in the Dominican Republic?

Posting for a friend here... she is looking for advice on a hotel as part of an "all inclusive" beach resort package around end of February/early March, to Dominican Republic. There is a little [more inside]
posted by irishkitten around Dominican Republic at 9:57 AM - 8 answers

August 11, 2006

Finding Fun in the D.R.

Dominican Republic travel in early September... [more inside]
posted by mdpc98 around Dominican Republic at 1:03 PM - 7 answers has best

February 28, 2005

Renting A Car Internationally

InternationalCarRentalFilter In May, the girlfriend and I will be going to the Domincan Republic, flying into Santiago, DR courtesy of cheap JetBlue tickets. We plan to rent a car (she is Dominican/Puerto Rican and speaks Spanish fluently) so we wanted to rent a car to see all the country that we could (we shy away from tourist places). Its the first time shes been there so its sort of a time when she really wants to see her country. I've never rented a car internationally before. How can I keep this as cheap as possible? [more inside]
posted by jare2003 around Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic at 5:12 PM - 3 answers