Estate Lawyer Needed
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My grandmother passed last night. My mother needs immediate assistance with issues surrounding the estate versus her niece who may have been exerting undue influence/manipulating the deceased. Grandmother's estate lawyer is out of town until next week. This is in Santee, CA.
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Has she called her attorney's office? Attorneys usually have arrangements with colleagues to handle client emergencies when they are out of town or otherwise unavailable. Start there.
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Response by poster: Mom hasn’t lived in CA for over 20 years. Grandmother’s attorneys office was unhelpful.
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I just went through a contested out-of-state guardianship, followed by estate issues. Your mother needs her own attorney in California immediately, probably in the same county. This is not a do-it-yourself situation, and your grandmother’s estate lawyer does not represent your mother. Be sure to hire someone who specializes in contested estates. Really, don’t wait.
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Best answer: San Diego County Bar Association - Lawyer Referral
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