Ankle Wat?
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For the past couple of weeks, my right ankle has been really stiff upon getting out of bed. I am assuming this is related to my general lack of strength and flexibility due to avoiding all the things I should be doing fitness-wise. It's not painful, but I wonder what the best exercises/stretches are to increase ankle mobility while I continue to procrastinate on getting the rest of my life together?
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Best answer: The standard process is to use your pointed toe to write the letters of the alphabet a few times a day. This puts those joints through a complete range of motion. Takes about 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your diligence.
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If motivation is part of the problem, try doing calf raises while you brush your teeth! Or balance on one foot while you brush your teeth. Or while your talk on the phone, or during commercials on TV, or [insert thing that happens every day] Work up to doing a calf raise while standing on one foot. (please apply appropriate risk mitigation, and hold onto something if your balance is not yet good enough. don't fall with a toothbrush in your mouth)
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I have the same issue; I also do the foot alphabet!
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A standard exercise for ballet dancers is to hold a releve while they brush their teeth. You can look up instructions for a releve; lots of people have explained it better than I can. You basically do a calf raise with a specific form and hold at the top. If you have trouble actively bringing your legs together, you can hold a tennis ball between your heels as a physical cue.
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For your Achilles tendon (which can often be stiff first thing in the morning) you can also do a "stair stretch" like this - this give a little more range than a standard calf raise.
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