What would you name a penguin?
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Help me name a penguin at our zoo (aka. how has this not been asked before).

Hello almighty hive. I am preparing to spend an unseemly amount of money that I definitely do not have right now on gaming the SF Zoo's penguin-naming drawing contest. (We are members of the zoo and the penguins are our kid's favorite, so I see them more than most might care to)

I am looking for clever penguin names that would bring amusement to future zoo-goers. My leading candidate names right now are Kowalski (Madagascar hat tip) and Sir Chubbers Von Peckington (thanks Pinterest). Penguiny McPenguinface didn't roll off the tongue. Hope me! (must be kid-friendly enough to pass muster of a random SF Zoo keeper)
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Or Chicken Joe
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Popsicle chicken
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Danny DeVito
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'Bubbla' or 'Bubbler'.
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In the spirit of 'Danny DeVito' above, how about Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot?

(Is the biological sex of the penguin important? Like, do you want names that are tradtionally boy and/or girl names?)
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Always thought it would make a lovely-sounding name. Might even be germane.
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As I understand it there are 3 boys and 2 girls. The website only mentions naming the girls though so I plan to inquire this weekend when we pop by. In the meantime I appreciate names for both sexes.
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Species? "George Washington" or "Yankee Doodle" would work for a macaroni penguin; "Napoleon" or "Catherine the Great" for an emperor penguin....
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publius clodius pulcher
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Sir Alec Penguinness
Penguinneth Paltrow
Ursula K Penguin
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Beatriz, in keeping with my theme
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Tuxie McGee
Dapper Dan
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Mr. Popper
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Mo or Timmy
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Well known penguin names
Chilly Willy
Feathers McGraw

Fred Astaire
Ferdinand Magellan
Sphen, sounds like Sven but is a shortening of the scientific name Spheniscidae and oh god I had to explain it the joke is dead
Seal Snack
I Believe I Can Fly
Julius Freezer
Aunt Arctica
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Megan Rapinoe, or just Pinoe.
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Pinoe the Penguin has a ring to it, you have to admit.
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Burgess Meredith.
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Nonflappy Bird
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Peregrina von Fettganstein.
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Norton, second of his name.. (though that would work better if it were an emperor penguin..)
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Burgess Meredith.

Wah wah wah
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The Tuxedo Kid.
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George Bennings Jr.
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Larry. Also works (better) for girls IMO.
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Male names:
Juan Pablo

Female names:
Miss Oklahoma
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Aw man, I was set to suggest "Davy Jones" because of the song "Your Personal Penguin" (sung by Davy Jones of The Monkees) but on googling to find that link I learned it's the "lyrics" are actually from a kids book by Sandra Boynton and he only set it to music.
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Winfred, Waldo, Wesley, Wainwright... and Spud.
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I see you picked on, but I didn't respond earlier. I have to plug Penny, the female of the Pete and Penny Youngstown State University Penguins.
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If you are naming penguins at the San Francisco zoo, Frances/Francis is a good choice.
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Gwen Penn
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my wife says

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