"Rock And A Hard Place" Rolling Stones
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In January I bought tickets to see the Stones here in Houston. The original date was in April. But it was rescheduled to July 27th. This is also the date of my 40th high school reunion. And now I am torn.

In favor of the concert: The Stones aren't getting any younger. They haven't been in Houston for 12 years. The tickets were danged expensive. They always put on a great show.
In favor of the reunion: To see some people I haven't seen since the 20th, assuming they come and if others are still alive.

The reasons the reunion is not an automatic yes is: after you say hello and catch up with work and kids (of which I have none), what else do you talk about? Will I be regretting I didn't go to the concert?

FWIW both events are at the exact same time. I can't go to the reunion for a few and then catch the concert. Unless there is an opening act and I arrive after that. I am not real comfortable with that given that the show is at the stadium and parking and walking, etc could take more time than anticipated.
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will there be people coming from out of town planning to stay longer than overnight? would the planners be willing to schedule a day 2?
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Sorry for the sit but no. The planners have been at this for about a year. It is on the evening of the 27th, period. And the two events are across town from each other.
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As a person of a similar age, I would say this: There will be more high school reunions. I wouldn't gamble on there being more Rolling Stones tours.
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If there is an opening act and you do decide to try to do both -- don't drive yourself; take a taxi and then you won't have to park.
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In a 50/50 decision, I'd go with what is more fun. One of those is way more fun. The other one can be basically be done in an evening on Facebook.
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FWIW, according to this article, Bishop Gunn are scheduled to be their opening act on July 27.
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I've seen the Stones a bunch of times live and can vouch for it being a great show not to be missed. It also won't go that late.

I've also been to reunions. I bet you can easily get the handful of people you're most eager to reunite with to go hit a local bar or something after the reunion and the concert end. I'd go to the concert and meet up later with reunion people. The concert won't go that late.
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I heard from a very reliable source (they work directly with the band) that there's a pretty decent chance this is actually the Stones last tour so you may want to give it a go. There is an opening band, but also from the same source, they've been starting their sets around 8:30 this tour, if that helps you any with timing.
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If there is anyone coming into town that you want to see, do it outside of the reunion. Finding out about work and family is what Facebook is for.

And as others have said, there will be plenty more reunions.
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Apologies, I should clarify. The *Stones* are starting their sets around 8:30, not the openers.
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I would see the Stones, full stop. Unless you are super nostalgic about high school and really miss these people and it really means a lot to catch up with them, there is no way I'd trade seeing a bunch of people that aren't that important to me for seeing the Stones.
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Go to the concert. You can find out about classmates on Facebook or even arrange a get-together with the people you actually liked at another time.
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I agree with the suggestions to meet up with people after the reunion. You can organize an unofficial afterparty on Facebook/online that immediately follows the reunion or is even the next day. Maybe have someone spread the world at the reunion also.
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I’d go for the concert, but I don’t do high school reunions.

If you haven’t seen people for twenty years, are they that important to you? And you aren’t close enough to even know if they’re coming. It sounds like you’re not even sure who’s alive. From the way you’ve written this, I wonder if you’re thinking you should go to the reunion rather than really wanting to.
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I've seen the Stones a few times, most recently 20 years ago, and I thought they were clearly slipping then. I also live in Houston (hi!) and I'm skipping it.

But if the choice is "Stones or high school reunion," I mean, damn, there's no choice. It's Stones every damn time.

Also, again, Hi. Montrose here. By my math you're exactly 10 years older, but maybe we should get a beer.
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I was at a party a few weeks back talking to some people that had been to the stones concert the night before and they said it was really amazing. In case that helps.
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One data point: A friend went to the Boston area show last week. In the weeks leading up to it, he was stressing out about the long drive and the crowds. He'd seen the band many times and was starting to think he should have skipped this tour.

After he got back, I asked if it was worth it and he didn't hesitate at all in saying "Yes!" He felt like the band, and Jagger in particular, felt they had something to prove and they put on a great show.
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I mean, I skipped my senior prom to see Nine Inch Nails and I still don't have any regrets 20+ years later. I'd probably skip any reunion of people whose only commonality with me was being in the same place at the same time to join a big group of people whose commonality with me was wanting to see one of the greatest rock bands of all time in an incredible once-in-a-lifetime live show.
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As someone who actually had so much fun at her last high school reunion (after dreading it immensely) that she lost her voice, and doesn't feel that Facebook is an adequate substitute for the in-person gathering of everyone with all their battle scars, I'd still pick the Rolling Stones.
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You guys convinced me. Stones it is. I just needed to hear other's opinions.
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