The simplest possible to-do list app, redux
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I just got a new phone and unfortunately my ride-or-die to-do list app, Erica Sadun's To Do, no longer works on it. So it's time for a rerun of my question from 2013: what is an iOS 12.3.1/iPhone Xs compatible app that just lets you make a list, and badges the app icon with the number of items on the list?

It seems like there are lots of to-do list apps that let you create a task with a due date, then send a reminder/badge on that date. I do not want this or any kind of calendar functionality. I want an app that does what To Do does: just a list of items, with no dates attached, and the app is always badged with the number of items on the list.

I don't want tasks to have due dates. I don't want multiple lists. I don't want push reminders or alarms. I don't want connectivity with other apps or accounts. I don't want a reminder based on my location or the time of day. I don't want to be able to mark items as complete or snoozed. For heaven's sake, I don't want a Pomodoro timer. I literally just want the simplest possible to do list with badge notifications. Apple's Reminders app does not do what I need. I am desperate and I know it shows in this question. Please help, MetaFilter.
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Best answer: Not intended as a to-do list, but OurGroceries fits that description pretty well. Pay a few bucks and it's permanently ad-free.
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I just tested the Erica Sadun app on 12.3.1/iPhone X and it seems to work fine. What features are not working for you?
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Response by poster: What features are not working for you?

It freezes constantly.
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Based on your last question, Drafts might do what you want. It's basically a note taking app. You can set it to show the number of notes from the inbox as the badge count.

The gimmick of the app is that the you can have it do stuff with the notes you've written, but if you ignore those features it is just a handy scratch pad
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Remember the Milk does this (and some other stuff, but you certainly don't have to do the other stuff).
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Forgive me, I can't deep-dive to see if it does the badge part, but have you noticed/checked out TeuxDeux?
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Try GoTasks.

It's free and you can either use a local database or synchronise with tasks in your Google account.

In Settings > Application Badge there is an option "All tasks" which will give you the total tasks in the list
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Lists To Do by Thomas Tsopanakis.

I have looked at a bunch of these and this one is clean, simple, functional, and does exactly what you're asking. No dates, optional badge icon. Really just for making a list.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! OurGroceries is the most straightforward one to use for this functionality, so I've marked it as best answer. But I also deleted and re-downloaded To Do (my original app) in hopes that maybe the "turn it off and on again" method will do the trick. Fingers crossed.
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Response by poster: And To Do still has issues with freezing so OurGroceries it is! Thanks, all.
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