Background checks in 2019
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I need to do a one-time, thorough background check on someone, including finding out the name and address of a separated spouse. How does an individual do that these days?

I thought it would be easy through beenverified or intelius or spokeo (they all seem to be the same), but I guess not. The free search was not helpful (the spouse was not even listed, even though the marriage was in 2013); I paid the one-time fee of $10 to one of these and, after taking my money, they informed me that the records were not available digitally in that state.

Are there other search engines that are better? Googling just points me to the three listed above, as well as a few others that seem the same. I know that landlords and such have specialized software and pay a large fee for it, but this is only a one-time thing and I'm not sure that's the route to take. Is there something else I haven't thought of? Thanks for your help! This is for a messy family situation.
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Private investigator?
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This answer to a previous question might be useful to you.
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