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A few months ago I saw a people search engine where you typed in a name and it returned profiles of online personalities matching that name, complete with contact information. Any idea what it was?

This engine seemed pretty innovative and astoundingly very complete. It was not Zabasearch (that's a phone book engine) and was not Yahoo people search, which seems to not have much content. My own Google searches are returning mostly garbage.
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Best answer: Was it Spock?
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Response by poster: Yep. Thanks! If there are other good people-search resources out there, I'm all ears... no pun intended.
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I use yoName a lot.
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ewww, I am on spock, linked to all the politicians I have contributed to.
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pipl is another one
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I looked for myself on Spock,Wink and pipl. They were all inferior to a simple google search. My moderately unusual name is shared by one somewhat noisy ceo and several other more obscure persons, including myself.

Wink and pipl picked up on my IMDB entry, which is totally non-informative. None linked to my or my conominous' patents. Or websites. Or publications. And there are several of each of these.

The message seems to be--google wins. It really is the 600-pound gorilla.
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I think these services are to find the obscure people, not the ones who come up on the first page of Google.
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I found the aggregation of the information by yoName mildly useful. Thanks to it, I discovered that my defunct friendster account had outdated relationship info for me.
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I think all of these could be useful, but none is perfect (including Google). I'm thinking of genealogy uses as well as stalking high school girlfriends buddies.

I used to be highly google-able, with a blog and high MeFi posting and many blog backlinks. But nowadays I'm fairly obscure. None of these found my Wikipedia page, which includes my full name and city of residence, though most found at least one of my friendster, myspace, and/or linkedin profiles. It could be a shortcut if all you want is to check out some social networking sites for contact info.
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There's also spokeo for people that are in your email address books.
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I came up on the first page of 12 on Spoke, and I don't show up in Google. Impressive.

More impressive is that my ex-girlfriend from years ago is now a well respected calculus professor on RateMyProfessor. Wow.
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Spock found information about me from a myspace profile, but I deleted that a few days ago so I'll have to recheck when myspace officially removes my information. Also, there are a large number of people sharing my name that don't like wearing their shirts. Huh.
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