Where can I find old handwriting worksheets on the Internet?
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This is the sort of thing I assume exists in the droves on this Internets of ours, but an initial search has been lacking. I'm looking for an archive of scanned (preferably high-res) images of old hand-writing exercises. You know, the type you had to do in grade school when learning how to write, like this. Either handwriting or cursive is fine.
  • I'm specifically looking for older historical versions from the US. The older the better, but lets say 1920-1970 would be ideal.
Any help appreciated!
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Before Palmer but overlapping, Spencerian. Search for practice sheets.
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Those are both great leads, thanks, but I am wondering if there's something out there a little more rigorous. For example I would love to be able to compare the type of writing examples between the 1950s to the 1960s and just wonder if someone else has done that work already.
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1931 Correlated Handwriting, Compendium 7
1939 Wesco System Of Writing
See also: Internet Archive Search: subject:"Handwriting" and Internet Archive Search: subject:"Penmanship", or uploads by user IAMPETH. You can select by date, and it seems that landscape-format scans tend to have samples or worksheets.
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Have Android? Lazy Dog might be useful.
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The Noble & Noble System
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Ooh, that Noble & Noble one is really good.
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Those links were very interesting! But Wow! I had a flash back to first grade catholic school where a mean nun kept smacking my knuckles with a ruler because I was doing it wrong! To this day my handwriting stinks.
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(the noble and noble one is geofenced, btw: users outside the USA see only the metadata and none of the content)
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