Tijuana Upholstery Recommendations?
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Does anyone have any experience with getting auto upholstery done in Tijuana, Mexico? How about tips for the brave soul willing to try it? Any particular establishments?

I've got a car that I've elected to keep for a while, and it needs a fair amount of upholstery work done. I also live near Tijuana. I have heard that you can get upholstery work done in Tijuana for, on the whole, significantly less money than in the US.

I understand that there are a lot of those shops down there, ranging in quality and price from the incredibly cheap to the high-end. For what it's worth, I'm looking for good value, but I don't need or want the absolute cheapest job.

I have heard that you're supposed to bring your own thread. What about upholstery fabric--what kind of selection are they going to have and should I procure my own before going? Does anyone know any good shops?
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RikiTiki, break out the yellow pages and look for shops in National City and/or S.D. Imperial Ave.

You will get deals as good or better than T.J. Seriously, the old school low-rider contingent is alive and well. The work they do for you helps them build their awesome rides. (Still cheap as hell!) They do everything down there, hydraulics, upholtstery, paint, chrome, you name it, and they are GOOD and will hook you up. Folks on National Ave used to do custom braided hydraulic lines for me and since my jobs were so easy for them they were very cheap! I missed this question but was brought here by this thread.
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