Great modern art museums I don’t know yet?
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I've got some flexibility in planning my travels, and my work commitments are usually at night, so daytimes are for museums and modern art's my big priority. Tell me your favorites that aren’t on this list of ones I’m grateful to know already (ordered roughly by how much I love them): Tate Modern, SFMOMA, Pompidou, Kiasma, MoMA and PS1, Stedelijk, YBCA, Moderna Museet, Whitney, de Young, Hirshhorn. Don't need to be 'major' but I want to hear places you think are extraordinary.
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(You can see my travels are mostly U.S. and Northern Europe; traveling elsewhere is harder, but I definitely welcome answers from other regions for future reference!)
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Reina Sofia in Madrid. Has Guernica, and had a big Yayoi Kusama show when I visited 8 years ago.
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If you're in the Seattle area, give Bellevue Arts Museum a go . My wife and I are continually surprised by the art curation: after we discovered the Kara Walker and the Ebony Fashion Show exhibits (see here and click the "show more" button near the bottom) we became members.

Also, check out the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. They've been on and off for us, but lately, they've been KILLING it (click here).

Don't know if it's a modern-y enough list for you, but thought I'd give Seattle some art love. Great museum list, by the way. We checked out The Fondation Louis Vuitton when we were in Paris and it was truly, utterly amazing.
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The Reina Sofía is near the Thyssen-Bornemisza (and the Prado, but the Prado doesn't do that much modern art). Also, a bit down the boulevard there's a Caixaforum building where they do temporary exhibitions.
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I really loved the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago last time I was there.
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Not sure if you're hitting smaller US cities, but the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh is a joy.
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Does the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan count as modern art? Its stunning and surrounded by beautiful nature (plus Hakone is a fun little hot spring town)
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The other big museum of modern art in Spain I think it's the Guggenheim in Bilbao, unless you go to smaller ones like the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.
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LACMA has a great collection.
I have never been to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, just outside Copenhagen, but it's on my to do list.
The Menil Collection (their building! and the new Drawings Institute!)
The Musée d'Orsay.
The Art Institute of Chicago.

I have not been to museums outside the US much myself, several of the ones on your list are on mine too - love SFMOMA. (I am leaving out the treasure house museums like the Rijksmuseum, the Met, the British Museum, and the Louvre, but they all have great things from the beginning of modern art.)
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The Louisiana Museum outside Copenhagen will absolutely be up your alley. My tastes are mostly modern/contemporary and it's probably my favorite museum I've ever visited. Amazing sculpture garden, too.

Also if the Broad and LACMA in Los Angeles aren't already on your radar they probably should be.

My partner raved about the Prada Foundation, which I think is mostly contemporary stuff.
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The Burrell Collection in Glasgow.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston.

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Sorry, missed that you want modern. Neither of these are that!
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Seconding the Broad. It's small and extraordinary.

And if you're in LA, the Marciano Art Foundation is brand new, so I haven't been yet, but I hear good things.
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Depending on how you are defining modern, I'd highly recommend The Barnes in Philly.
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Dia:Beacon and MASS MoCA!
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I don't see the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore on this list yet! As a bonus, they have a reputation for an awesome gift shop. And based on your other list items, sounds like you might have decent access to the mid-Atlantic region.
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The Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art is quite nice. It isn't terribly far from the Peace Park but is on the top of a wooded mountain and feels secluded as a result.

The 21st Century Museum of Comtemporary Art is also pretty good. It is located just outside Kenroku-en, which if you're visiting Kanazawa you'll be visiting anyway.
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Pittsburgh also has the Warhol Museum, which pairs nicely with the Mattress Factory.

This is defintely not a destination spot on its own, but I really enjoyed the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. They had a large amount of space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, so YMMV.
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The Mattress Factory, definitely.

Pittsburgh actually has a surprising amount of great installation art. (At least, it did when I was there last year.) A lot of it's at smaller galleries, though – so you'd probably want to make an itinerary for the day.
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Glenstone in Potomac, Maryland just outside Washington DC.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park between Leeds and Sheffield in the UK.
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Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin is world-class. While you're in town, you should also definitely visit Sammlung Boros - not a museum but a private collection housed in an enormous WW2 bunker. They offer guided tours if you book ahead. And do see what's on at the Martin Gropius Bau.
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Also Tate Liverpool!
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Definitely need to add the Art Institute of Chicago and LACMA to your list.

Also they're not always modern, but I also have seen some really amazing shows at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.
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Storm King Art Center for outdoor sculptures
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The National Museum in Bangkok was closed the day I was available to visit museums during my recent trip, so I ended up going to the MoCA Bangkok instead. They specialize in local (Thai) art, and was actually pretty different from the Western art that I usually see. Worth the visit, if you happen to be there.
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It is NOT a destination in and of itself, but if you are ever in the Hartford area the New Britain Museum of American Art is lovely and about half it’s rotating collection tends to be modern.
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The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis
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If you're in Minneapolis, the Walker Art Center is enjoyable enough. I actually like the sculpture garden better than the museum. The ringing tree is the best one.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has some very fine modern art and I've seen some good traveling stuff there, but what is really outstanding is the Kunin collection, a permanent loan of 20s through 60s American painting collected by a former trustee. His eye for portraits and socially significant paintings was absolutely unparalleled. The whole collection isn't always out, but a lot is displayed and you can truly see the unity and intelligence of his vision. If I turn to art crime, I am absolutely stealing all of it.

And the Weisman usually has something going on, although it's not a huge museum - maybe stop there on your way somewhere else.

And if for some reason you are traversing Columbus, Indiana, the architecture tour is absolutely worth it - Columbus, despite being in Indiana, has an unusual history which led to many very fine buildings by various heavy hitters of modernism - Eero Saarinen, a nice early IM Pei, lots of other stuff.
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Strongly seconding the Louisiana Museum as the best museum -- go on a nice day, the grounds are a big part of why it's so great. I went to the Moderna on the same trip and enjoyed the Louisiana much more, and I think it's an order of magnitude better than the Stedelijk.

Also seconding Hamburger Bahnhof (one of the juried contemporary exhibits there was, hands down, the most interesting contemporary art I've experienced despite it involving an interactive video piece, which I usually hate), Storm King (also requires a nice day, but it's so pleasant, on top of having great art), LACMA, the Broad, and Dia:Beacon.

FOAM (in Amsterdam) is tiny but great, if you're into photography. When I went, it was about 75% contemporary with one big modern exhibit.

The Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle is nice for a walk outside with some modern sculpture.

Have you been to the New Museum in NYC? It's contemporary, not modern, but you've got PS1 on the list, so I think it's fair game. Quality varies wildly based on who they're showing.

I haven't been to Aarhus, but that's on my list.
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At the Vatican, the modern galleries were almost empty of visitors when I went, even when the other museums and galleries were packed. Even though I have an aversion to crucifixion art, there was a lot of breathtaking stuff to see.
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Another vote for the Louisiana Museum of Art! Really great temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. And another random plus, the cafe was REALLY good. Like I wouldn't mind just having lunch there then leaving. Another one in Copenhagen that I personally loved was the Design Museum Denmark.

The Enoura Observatory outside Tokyo was recommended to me by my Airbnb host, but was sad that I coudn't make the trip over there to see it. 21 21 Design Sight was a more-than-great substitution though.

Mexico City has like an insane number of museums, like New York and Paris-level. The people I was staying with couldn't have suggested MUAC at UNAM more, and even the campus has some cool architecture. Museo Tamayo, Museo Souyama, and Museo de Arte Moderno are also there.

Back home, also throwing in another modern art museum in LA, MOCA, particularly the Geffen. Exhibition only, but I seem to go here way more than their permanent collection location (coincidentally, across the street from the Broad Museum).
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I should also add the Noguchi Museum. I was skeptical of making the trip to a one-artist museum in a fairly out of the way part of Queens but I absolutely love it.
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MONA (Museum of Old and New Art} in Hobart, Tasmania is unlike any other modern art museum (no guards, interactive, underground) and should not be missed.
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The Detroit Institute of Art
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The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa
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The Garage in Moscow, modern art, extremely good quality, great building.
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Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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Houston has so many options! MFAH has an excellent modern collection, and a nearby sculpture garden. The Contemporary Art Museum nearby is hit or miss. The Menil has the Rothko chapel, and their outside sculptures and about half the collection leans modern. I've been trying to plan a trip to see the Skyspace installation.
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The Fogg at Harvard is well endowed, and might have new stuff also.
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The Berardo Collection in Lisbon is wonderful
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Yes, n-thing The Louisiana, finish off with a nice dinner there looking out over the water.
ARKEN Museum of Modern Art felt lesser after The Louisiana but is still a great museum and worth going if you have time in Copenhagen. Out of the city by the beach.
Enoura Observatory is an easy day trip from Tokyo and is extraordinary. Advance tickets required.
MassMOCA, too.
Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art re-opened recently after a long hiatus for repairs.
Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul.
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Oh, yeah! ferret branca's suggestion of the Noguchi Museum in Queens. It will fit right in with a business trip to NYC and is really good.
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The Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo is not huge, but well-stocked and architecturally nice. Lots of other art stuff around the city too, including Munch and Vigeland.

Not exactly a museum but with great outdoor installations: Jupiter Artland in Scotland. In Glasgow, the Gallery of Modern Art is always worth peeking into, but not really worth a trip unless you're aiming for a particular exhibition.

In Nuremberg, the Neues Museum is pretty cool, and I see a Gilbert and George exhibit is on there at the moment.
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n+1 to Lousiana Museum of Art, and +1 to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston is also pretty good.
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Vancouver Art Gallery is not a small gallery, as I originally assumed too, but a decently sized contemporary art museum!
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I'll echo the suggestion of Mass MoCA. It's a fantastic place to visit, especially with the new expansion, and especially if you visit in the fall when the surroundings are the most beautiful.
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The Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris gets overshadowed by other options, but it's worth mentioning here (Wikipedia).

You might also be interested in The Art Assignment's Art Trip playlist.
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nthing Mass MoCA although it may depend on whats installed. Not a 'museum' but assuming you roll through the Chelsea galleries when in nyc.
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Philadelphia Museum of Art Arsenberg Collection, the DuChamps and Mondrians will break your heart in a very good way.
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The Renwick in DC has really interesting exhibits that talk about the relationship between art and craft and often have some site specific installations.
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I always recommend The Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle, DC.
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The National Gallery of Art (Washington DC) is better known for its older works but has a great modern collection. Modern art is housed mostly in the East Wing, which was renovated and expanded in 2016, so if you haven't been since then, you will be pleasantly surprised.
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The Dikeou Collection in Denver is small but remarkable. It's a collection of modern art tucked into various corners of various little empty offices on a whole floor of an office building in downtown.

I am deeply sad that it's currently gone dark, possibly for a full year. There's an occasional pop-up in another part of the city with a small portion of the collection, that's well worth going to. I wouldn't say plan a whole trip around it, but if you're coming to the Mountain West for something else, plan your trip about being able to come to one of the pop-up events.
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Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris
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The Elizabeth A Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum tends to skew modern. Judy Chicago's Dinner Party is permanently housed there and is quite a thing.

That only occupies one floor of Brooklyn Museum. They have some contemporary pieces scattered on other floors as well. The Brooklyn Museum's thing tends to be more about mixing-and-matching from throughout history and making mashups with its curation sometimes; there's an exhibit that's been going on for a while now called "Infinite Blue", where they just rounded up a whole lot of everything they had in their collection that had blue in it and put it all in a gallery together. It sounds like an arbitrary excuse, but they do a fair job of contextualizing how that color was regarded in different cultures and why. And they draw from a really broad well - so you'll have contemporary sculptures cheek by jowl with Qing vases.
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Like the PS1, Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center doesn't have a permanent collection but puts on interesting exhibits. There are usually 3 or 4 going on at once. Literally next door is a hotel, the 21c, that has two floors of galleries that also host temporary exhibits.
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Glenstone was mentioned, though it’s tricky to get tickets.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC has me returning a couple times a year.

Laumeier Sculpture Garden in St. Louis is a lovely outing in good weather.

The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is enjoyed by many, but not all. Check out the website and decide when your travels bring you to Charm City.
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The Albright Knox in Buffalo features mainly 20th and 21st art (there are a few exceptions here and there) with all sorts of Rothkos and Warhols and whatnot. But get there soon as it'll be closing for two years for a big expansion and renovation near the end of the year.
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The Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, WI is small and really good, I liked it a lot. And if you ever find yourself in Roswell, NM there is a strange and unknown and kind of awesome warehousey museum that was a super pleasant surprise, because honestly the UFO Museum is just not as wonderful as one might think.
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Naoshima Island in Japan is absolutely worth a trip.
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I also recommend the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne.
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The new Zeitz Museum in Cape Town is one of the best I've ever been to.

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

You should also put Mexico City on your list, with Museo Tamayo, Museo Jumex, and the museum on the University campus -- none of them are huge, but put together (along with all the other museums and galleries) makes the city an important destination.
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Kanal in Brussels is a converted former car factory and brand new, so not many people have heard of it even though it is a Pompidou. Definitely one of my favorite new museums.

Also, I know you are getting a large list of sometimes small museums here but I would put Kanal on your major list.
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The Museum of Hunting and Nature (Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature) in Paris is an amazing collection of weird old taxidermy and weapons, but is also layered with modern art that examines the way people exploit the natural world.

Villa e Collezione Panza in Varese, Italy.

James Turrell's House of Light in Niigata, Japan.

İstanbul Modern in Turkey.
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Thirding Hamburger Bahnhoff in Berlin, Germany, and seconding MONA in Tasmania, Australia - two of my greatest museum visiting experiences.

Since you like Tate Modern, when you're next in London try the Hayward Gallery. Not a museum - not worth travelling to specifically as they don't have a collection - but they do put together really interesting curated shows.

In the Netherlands, the Kroller Muller museum; its sculpture garden in particular is great. But definitely more 'modern' than 'contemporary' art - lots of classic modern art sculpture.

Others have mentioned museums in Madrid, and it really is a great city to visit if you like modern art - the Prado and the Reina Sofia between them could easily fill many days.

In Germany, another fab museum is the G2 Kunsthalle in Leipzig. Thanks to the New Leipzig School of painting, they happen to own a bunch of important works, and so have the clout to borrow great works from other major galleries. And when I was there they had a lovely approach to hanging works, like Tate Modern, along themes rather than by era. Leipzig is a small town but packs lots of interesting things in - experimental vegetarian restaurants, a large ex-industrial complex with interesting dealer galleries, old church that had Bach as choir director... a lovely place to visit.
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No one has mentioned Jupiter Artland yet, just outside of Edinburgh. Reopens mid-May. It’s a 100-acre park with splendid modern public art.
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Barcelona's MACBA might be one to add to your list, especially if you have an interest in Catalan art.
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If you would like to see the Very Good iteration of the Tate Modern's (kinda mediocre, ime) curatorial style, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is excellent.
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De CoBrA museum in Amstelveen.
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The Mumok in Vienna is superb!
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The English Midlands has some enjoyable galleries; albeit in a smaller scale

I can recommend the newly revamped Milton Keynes Gallery - especially their current exhibition lay of the land. It’s a fascinating city too.

Ikon in Birmingham is very reliable, though somewhat small, it has a good mix of touring exhibitions of emerging and otherwise unknown contemporary artists. It’s always worth visiting. It’s just around the corner from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery which has a very broad collection of more classical art.

Nottingham Contemporary is similar to Ikon but perhaps also has a broader curatorial line, though it only had three spaces, so it’s often short and sweet.

New Art Gallery Walsall is probably one of my favourites, though its chronic funding issues mean that the exhibitions tend to be overreliant on commercial gallery loans, it’s a beautiful building, and has an interesting home collection in the Garman Ryan, associated with Jacob Epstein.
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I really like the Taubman in Roanoke, VA. Small museum with an excellent curator.

American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is one of the more unusual and interesting I've been in and I loved the questions it raises about art as a compulsive process.
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The Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (Roppongi) has always been a surprising and rewarding experience. Plus you get a terrific city view.

I also adore the Hiroshima MoCA mentioned above.
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Seconding Mori Art Musuem. And while we are on the topic of Japan, the island of Naoshima has has been transformed into an island full of art museums. World-class art spread across an entire island!
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In Sydney, Australia:
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
  • White Rabbit Gallery - Amazing contemporary Chinese art

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If you go to Pittsburgh to check out the Mattress Factory (a recommendation which I'm nthing), I also recommend checking out La Hutte Royal and the newer Kunzhaus.
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And another vote for Storm King and Dia:Beacon.
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Mass MoCA is the reigning queen of contemporary art in Massachusetts. That said, I'm kind of surprised that Boston's Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) hasn't been mentioned yet. The main building is in the Seaport district and feels a little small. During the summers they have an alternate space in an industrial area of East Boston, with a ferry that will take you across the Harbor.

Other possible MA destinations that might fly under your radar:

The DeCordova sculpture museum in Lincoln, MA, a little ways outside of Boston, is lovely.

The Worcester Museum of Art punches way above its weight. Modern/contemporary art is a very small part of its collection, but last time I went they had a splendid large contemporary installation exhibit. Also its curatorial decisions are remarkably gutsy. Admission is the best $6 you'll ever spend.

The Eric Carle museum of Picture Book Art is delightful any way you slice it.

Also, this is going to seem like a little bit of a swerve, but if you do find yourself out in the Berkshires, the Norman Rockwell museum is surprisingly powerful. He was a hugely successful commercial artist, to be sure--but he was also a major American artist during the tumultuous cultural and artistic evolution of the last century. Last year they staged an exhibit that brilliantly juxtaposed Rockwell with Andy Warhol--so it's definitely not locked into stuffy Saturday Evening Post nostalgia loop.
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I'll second the recommendation for the Mori Museum in Tokyo. I happened to be there when they had a retrospective exhibit on all of the Turner Prize winners (I had come to Tokyo to watch sumo and was then pleasantly surprised that the exhibit was on at the same time). I think Japanese museums and galleries get pretty good exhibits in general but that was a standout to me.
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